Sheet folding laugh of the day

This was posted somewhere else on another topic, but I thought, given the Great Duvet/Comforter Debate, this might provoke some discussion. I have to admit that all fitted bottom sheets go, loosely rolled up, into the bottom sheet plastic tub (all my sheets & towels are sorted into plastic tubs, with towels and flat sheets folded) in the hall linen closet.



My husband is a master sheet folder. When he moved away from home for the first time, he took all of this laundry to a laundromat near his office. The lady who owned it taught him how to fold a set of sheets.

When we got married, I looked in the linen closet and said “I didn’t know you bought new sheets.” They weren’t new, just folded perfectly (like they just came out of the package.) He has since taught both of my cleaners; I still struggle…


Fold? Witchcraft indeed!! Proper fitted bottom sheets are wadded and stuffed on shelves or in boxes! :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :roll_eyes: :scream_cat:


My worst nightmare!!! gotta admit its easier in the winter when theyve just come out of the dryer and they are nice and toastie

I usually pop them in the dryer before I start stripping the bed. It only takes about 5 minutes for them to unwrinkle and get that “fresh from the laundry” smell (and I use all unscented cleaning products).

The top sheet stays in the dryer so it can also go on the bed unwrinkled and warm. Same with the cotton duvet cover. Pillow cases are usually stored flat right out of the dryer, so no creases.

Gee, I’m starting to fee nostalgic now. Last bed I changed other than my own was the first week of March. :frowning:


@NordlingHouse and @KenH - I wanted to watch this video, but got distracted by “How to fold a burrito”…

She does admit that folding a fitted sheet is “one of the biggest challenges you’re going to face in life”…


I watched it, seems easy enough… I have a dozen sets in the closet just waiting to be properly folded. Weird, this never seemed important to me until now… One reason is my linen closet is only so big and with triple extras of everything every inch counts.


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I watched this video and several others about a 2 years ago - I FINALLY got it. Can’t believe I didn’t learn this sooner in life!

Still working on the “Burrito Method”. Ugggggh.

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I’m glad my joke resulted in something useful! I was once trained on this procedure, back in a previous life as a summer cabin steward on a coastal ferry, but I had forgotten how to do it.


I think the video looks amazing. But she’s folding either a twin or a double sheet. I can fold those. I can’t fold king fitted sheets. My arms aren’t long enough.

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My arms aren’t long enough to do a queen size. I have to lay it out on the bed to fold it. And it still never ends up looking perfect.

Same with me.

The nice thing is that our king bed (in our bedroom) is nice and high. It’s great for folding laundry on it!

@RebeccaF and @muddy…I can do king and queen bottom sheets, but for the life of me can’t do the top sheets!!! Help!

I’d ask @God but apparently he/she has left the building.


First, make sure your floor is clean so it won’t matter if the sheet hits the floor a little bit and a folding surface is helpful for the final folding. I find it does not matter how you first position the sheet, inside out, long side, short side. I start by getting two adjacent corners onto one hand (you want to point your fingers into the top of the corner seam) and the other two adjacent corners onto the other hand and give everything a shake. Then, bring your hands together and put the corners together, again pointing your fingers into the “pocket” of the seam and folding over so all four corners are fitted into each other and creating a point. Then shake it out a bit and lay it down. Do some smoothing and fold as the video showed. Easy-peasy! I’ve been teaching my husband how to do it for years now and it’s still a mystery to him.


I fold the double size fitted in the garage which has dirty floors and no useable table and they end up just like that. But a little bit puffier. Any uneven quarters will do, a good shake and get it done!

That sounds sanitary…

I am really short and small. Mine always end up on the floor so I usually just sort of roll them as best I can. I wish I could do a better fold job on fitted sheets.

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I learned from Martha Stewart to fold the sheets and place them and one pillow case inside the remaining pillow case. They can the be compressed and stored with everything together. Works really well