Sex stains on fitted sheet, prevent with a "spill" towel?

Well, it happened, I just had my first incident with sex stained sheets. Hooray, at least someone is getting some! I can clean it up, not mad, just part of the business.

However, I’d like to have the bodily fluids go somewhere other than the fitted sheet, mattress pad, etc. It got me thinking of a way that when showing guests to the room that there is an extra towel (not white) they can use if you need it for preventing and cleaning up ANY spills (all done with style and disarming ease to avoid awkwardness).

It’s a delicate subject that needs the right semantics if it’s even done it all. Hopefully, this wouldn’t backfire.

What do you do, or would you suggest?

It’s incredibly unlikely that guests will use your protective towel in the heat of the moment, and of course sex isn’t the only time guests are going to get bodily fluids on the sheets. I was amazed at how often I found blood on sheets and pillowcases.

Just get a waterproof mattress protector or mattress encasement. Wash the sheets and the protector.


I think hosts are impotent when it comes to dictating how guests handle themselves in private. But to be safe, take the proper precautions (as Brian suggests) and wrap it up. :wink:

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I don’t say anything, but I have a couple of dark green towels next to the white towels in the closest for that reason…also if people hike and need something other than white towels I wanted to provide that option.

It’s a delicate subject that needs the right semantics if it’s even done it all. Hopefully, this wouldn’t backfire.
I believe we’re getting trolled!!


Nope, you are not getting trolled. I am just a new host that wants to learn from other hosts that have dealt with this before, successfully. We all have to have a first post.

What would you do?

I like your idea.

My bathroom towels are white. I could include a medium sized black towel in my assortment. After greeting the guests and showing them to the room, talking about how to use the the TV, Wifi, etc, say "The pair of bath towel and wash cloths are here for each of you. There is a black towel there on the bed as well as a courtesy, so if you spill anything at all, floor, mattress, nightstand, please use the black towel to avoid damage.

You can easily buy black washcloths with the words “makeup” stitched on them. People put them in a basket in the bathroom. I suggest a basket by the bed with black hand towels and the word “juice” embroidered on them. Added bonus of using black is that the contrast when using a blacklight is better.

Signage "The hand towels in the basket aren’t just for hand jobs, if you spooge anywhere please use the night towel. " HH has a good point. I think throwing few condoms in the basket will make their purpose clear and help society.

Oh, don’t spoil the fun!


Looking at your photograph, which may or may not be you of course, I have possibly been hosting since before you were born. So what you’re going to have to do is what every STR host, hotel, guesthouse, hostel and so on does.

That is, accept that people are going to leave evidence of their sexual activities on your sheets. Learn more about laundry - sex shouldn’t cause a stain. The word ‘stain’ means ‘permanent’ or ‘hard to remove’. Jism (a preferred word to @KKC’s ‘juice’ ( :slight_smile: ) doesn’t stain, blood doesn’t permanently stain, skid marks don’t stain.

However, are your guests doing something that is producing genuine stains not covered by the aforementioned three? If so, how is that? How are you attracting people that use purple dye (or whatever) during sex?

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I am just a kid, LOL. I suppose I need to learn more about doing laundry.
What’s your favorite way to tackle blood/semen/feces stains when they come up then? I am sure the site is loaded with different methods, but you have been doing this a while and want to know what you do. Thanks, jaquo!

I use Oxyclean and wash the laundry on COLD. I know that many people now, particularly with the virus, like to use warm or even hot water to kill germs but that can set in any marks.

That usually does the trick, but if there are still marks the item goes into the ‘soak bucket’ with more Oxyclean and cold water. Then it goes in with the next wash. (Sometimes it can take several washer/soak rounds before the marks are totally gone but that’s not often.)

Many hosts, me included, use only white bedding and towels because bleach can be used in extreme circumstances but try to avoid that as it can cause yellowing and can weaken the fabric.

If you live somewhere with sunshine as I do, hanging marked whites outside can help as the sun bleaches the fabric.

This ALWAYS works for me. Quite a few of my bedding items, towels etc. were bought in 2015 and are still going strong.


I’ll continue using cold water (no choice there, no hot available in our washer) Oxyclean and mix 2 kinds detergent . Seems to me I get makeup marks on pillow cases, that’s the noticeable worst of it.

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@FlexSeason Bac-Out by Biokleen is an enzyme treatment. It will take out all manner of biological stains right in front of your eyes (or in a worse case scenario, if your eyes look away for 15 minutes or so). I follow up with the spray oxyclean to get rid of any shadows from the stain. However, sometimes darker stains :poop: that have sat longer require a little bit of Dreft stain remover (yes, the baby stuff, but that is what it’s made for,) first. But with those 3 things, I’ve never lost a sheet to sex stains.

I do also leave a navy blue beach towel with the extra blanket in the bedroom. It does get used!

Listen to you lot with your fancy towel, and stuff.

I have a laminated copy of this stapled to the beds. Works a treat, can get at least three bookings before we have to even think about washing the sheets.

I just wish I’d thought about doing it before the somewhat rubenesque lady from somewhere or other, and her much younger and extremely athletic boyfriend checked in for a week last December. Thank god for Ikea!



LOL. Well, I was just kidding but juice is such a fine word and Lizzo definitely gave it a boost with her song. And it’s been a slang term for sex since the 1600’s or so the Mr. Googlies tells me.

Don’t you mean jism is preferable to “spooge?”

I haven’t had this much fun with a thread since 2019.


Oh my goodness, yes. Spooge isn’t my cup of tea at all. I shouldn’t have put it that way, should I?


@FlexSeason. Thanks for being such a good sport; Many of us (myself included) have had some humor with your topic. You provided a much needed reprieve from the endless debates on AirBNB refund and Covid19 repercussions. For that we are grateful!

My approach is to inspect and use a spot treatment (i.e. Shout) on the areas of concern while still on the bed; it’s easier to view the linens this way and not miss the items you mention as well as makeup, food stains, etc. I also have a handheld vacuum available should there be excess amounts of hair.

Without reopening up the great white sheet / towel debate, I use white linens because its easier to identify, treat, and use hot water / bleach to clean disinfect. When washing I mix in some OXYclean whitener to keep the white color from getting dull

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Well, I’m glad you are getting some… bookings that is :slight_smile: I had all my guests cancel until the end of the year.
@Brian_R170 gave you the best advice.

I cringe to see blood on my bed sheets but I’m fine with sperm. it’s way more difficult to get blood out of the bed sheets than sperm. with blood you have to soak in cold water then use oxygenated water then wash. with sperm you just wash, true i use the highest temperature possible.

But the thing is when you sign up to become a host you can bet you will end up getting all kind of bodily stuff on your linens: maybe someone has a small baby who had an accident or a toddler who might wet the bed… etc. If it can happen, it will and no matter what you tell them to use x towel for x purpose will not matter.

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There have been incidents reported on this very forum of adults wetting the bed … or worse. :roll_eyes:

STR hosting is not for the squeamish…

No, but I’d have expected nowt else from you, yah mucky pup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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