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Sex stained sheets


what fun do monks have at christmas?



Love it! Catholic girl here!


Somewhere Bohemia is recoiling in horror.


Well, he may not “get” it lol


What does a trans guy like to do at Christmas? Eat, drink and be Mary.


@Barns - “My favourite nun jokes is about the blind man.” Wellll…do you need a written invitation?

The only blind man joke I’ve heard is about the blind man standing on the corner when a vendor pushing his cart full of fish walks by. The blind man tips his hat and says, “'Morning ladies.”

I hate that joke.


I bought 4 sets of grey sheets with a little scalloped pattern on it from Kohl’s.I had a coupon and bought the full queen set with pillow cases and top sheet for about $30,also they dont wrinkle either if you take out of dryer right away.For some reason it seems to hide a lot of stains.I have been able to get out 90% of all stains. I have an arsenal of stain fighting products in a basket, sometimes I will apply several products on the stain and scrub and wash.I have been pretty lucky. Even though I provide THREE different makeup remover pads for women ,why do they insist on taking off their makeup with your white towels???


no @SandyToes, not that one! I couldn’t remember how to tell it, or maybe couldn’t be bothered to type it all out, I was hoping everyone would know it. I’ll see if I can cut and paste it from somewhere.



I also hate " Gynae out patients on a hot day".


@Barns :grin: That was worth the wait!


I’ve not been on the forum for a few weeks. This thread has given me so much: examples of very bad practice (always welcome if good is not available) and genuine laughing out load (I’ve dished out a lot of likes)!

We’ve had a stain we didn’t get out last week. Big deal, we bought a new sheet. The most unpleasant cleaning of the sheets was a couple of weeks ago and involved more skin scaling/flakes than I thought was possible.


Characters names were actually Master Mate and Tom the Cabin Boy. The writer of the series sued a couple of publications for repeating the urban myth of the character names as fact.


Yellow staining on the pillow cases are likely to be sweat stains. Oxy cleaner soak and wash as usual.
The full face print of a guest who fell asleep face-down with her makeup on does, however, take a lot more effort to remove…


Interesting…because I also did read some things were urban myth. And then came across a discussion where a couple of people said for a fact that the episodes they watched were when the name Master Bate was being used, but it started off with Master Mate in the beginning. So all of it a lie?


I am posting only for the second time and am doing so because I am deeply disturbed by this thread. Outing someone to co-workers is mean spirited at best. In reality I think it is unconscionable. Furthermore, doing so goes well beyond the boundaries of what the Airbnb platform is about. My understanding is that Airbnb provides hosts & guests an opportunity to evaluate how to match their needs for everyone’s benefit.
Going outside of the platform is damaging to Airbnb’s brand and potentially to every host’s business. Would ANY of us want to use Airbnb if we knew an unhappy host would take this kind of extreme measure to communicate such unhappiness? And that you, Bohemia, feel satisfied rather than guilty or chagrined is also unsettling to read.
If I worked for Airbnb and had the authority to remove you from hosting I would do so. That is how egregious I believe your behavior to be.
Finally, I am a recently retired sex therapist. For years I had the privilege of hearing the pain sexuality and sexual expression caused people. It is often, maybe safer to say always, intricately linked with shame. Shame at times drives people to do desperate things. We don’t know what demons people deal with. Let’s stick to what we are charged with doing. Offering hospitality and accurate information to the platform and each other. Bohemia, I do hope you will re-think your approach. I trust we all know of situations in which we seriously erred and do our best to correct it or not repeat it. I too have been mean spirited at times and cringe inside for a very long time afterward. I appreciate all that this forum offers. Thank you.


well, I am squeamish when it comes to bodily fluids in general.
Now I am more tolerant with ones vs others. I rate my guests based on what I would have done as a guest if I had an accident. Because accidents might happen. If it was blood I’d soak it immediately in cold water and leave the item wet. the freshest blood stain is the easier it gets out. Same with poo & pee. If a guest doesn’t do that he’ll get 1-3 stars from me. And vomit too, I think. So, unless the guest calls an ambulance or me saying he is really sick and had an accident, or apologizes for it, they’ll get a bad review from me.
Now, seamen and saliva/tears do come out in laundry and does not stain permanently so it doesn’t really bother me. Perhaps I’ll put that bed sheet as a heavy wash and high temperature just in case.
But in any case I wont involve any coworkers, family or anybody else. Perhaps ABB if there is a dispute. But that’s my personal preference and that (or those) guest(s) won;t come to my house again, unless, as I said, they tried to clean after themselves and apologized to me.


id say offer grey towels instead. But yes, I had it happen at my house too. I think perhaps they had too much to drink and didn’t think clear? Or they just think towels are disposable? At least for them. I had someone leave my white towel red, with hair color.


After 2 years of 5 stars I had a guy who claimed he was a traveling doctor stay here for 2 months. It ended poorly, with him breaking various items and ruining sheets, then falsely accusing me in his review that I had asked him for reimbursement which was nonsense. I was just relieved to have him out of here. So here’s my story of the stain, ugh… I keep only clean backup blankets in plastic cases in the bedroom closets, and thank God when he left, I took them out to see if they had been used. Neatly folded blanket revealed a surprise inside–he’d jacked off on it. Sorry, I don’t know how to put it any other way. How do people get this way?


Mine was a suspiciously sticky decorative pillow next to the suspiciously encrusted side of the headboard. Straight into the bin while I repeated to myself “he must have dropped his ice cream, he must have dropped his ice cream.”

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