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Sex stained sheets


I can’t believe this one has not been aired before but here goes.

In my early days of Airbnb I had one particularly obnoxious guest who left his mark on both my single beds multiple times. I outed him to his workmates (having stalked him online) which gave me great satisfaction and I made him pay for new sheets.
I now write in my details that leaving heavily stained sheets will be cause for me to gain compensation and until now that has worked. This weekend a young couple took the house and left one bed stained through to the mattress cover. The couple were very pleasant, left the house in good order but for this and I only discovered it once they had gone.
Would you mention this in your review? I left a cool review and docked 1 star over cleanliness. They left me a gushing review and want to return. I’m looking for some tips on how to handle this one - and stain removal if there are any new ideas out there. Done bleach and bio washing liquid.


Sorry, but this is part of the hospitality business and I have always managed to remove any “trace”.


Just what I was about to say. And we have discussed this at the forum - extensively. Guests are going to have sex, sheets are going to show the evidence. It’s one of the less fun parts of our businesses, but a part nevertheless.


I would try a soak in oxygen bleach such as Napisan.


Thanks for that tip. Sorry to the rest of you if this is a repeat boring topic.


I don’t understand this sentence and wish I hadn’t read it. You’re the same one who sees brother and sister sharing a bed and thinks, “INCEST!”


Yes, got a problem with that?


Oh-oh …(buzzzz!)…wrong answer!


You crack me up…


Bye felicia …


Thats the kind of thing you plot in your mind, but thats where it stays. Holy crap contacting work colleagues for a few stains.


I remember that I didn’t understand the brother and sister thing at first. And here I am being thick again - what sort of ‘sex stains’ aren’t removable? Over the years I’ve been faced with every bodily fluid imaginable and never had a real problem.

MInd you, I’m wondering about ages now, Isn’t stalking someone on the internet something a twelve year old might do?


An old problem for the hospitality industry as are the cleaning of the bed sheets.

But mother’s milk, sick kids etc are also… and it happens…

Using pre-wash stain remover, oxygen boost products and detergent have never failed me. Bleach if I must.

Sometimes sheets get wrecked from other stains that are not human. It just happens…

But I use two mattress protectors on all my beds.
A thin bamboo waterproof protector, then a standard, padded mattress protector.

These are easily removed and the mattress stays untouched.

Just more hygienic and protects the bed itself.


Would I mention stains on sheets from sexual activity?
Are you deranged?


Also what happens if someone gets ill, like with a stomach virus. And now I’m going to get graphic. Vomit, explosive diarrhea or menses… if they try to clean it and they might not have the proper cleaning products. Unless you leave them in the property.

Stuff happens… Even to us. Humans having humans experiences.

Do you shame them? Or how is it that you want them to behave?


Well apparently my sex life sucks and I don’t get laid enough. I don’t even know what sex stained sheets look like…except maybe if the sheets are colored I can recognize urine stain from baby. From the one time those were on my colored brown sheets.

I did recently come across yellow stains on my pillow cases after taking out of the wash. Thankfully I caught it and decided to bleach and wash again. I am not even sure what the yellow stains would have meant. What do sex stains look like?? For those of us living vicariously through you…:joy:


Maybe provide “sex towels”? LOL! Geez why wouldn’t people just grab a towel and place it appropriately? Who wants to sleep in a wet spot. Ish.

I had a young couple stay and they managed to use 6 wash cloths. 6! I was pretty sure I knew what they had been used for and it wasn’t washing in the shower. Glad they thought to use them. Easier to wash and replace.


Ohhhh, THAT explains the mystery of the multiple washcloth users! Four soaking wet washcloths left hanging in the shower. They courteously rinsed them out for me!


My young couple very generously put them through the wash for me. LOL!


Are you asking for help to get out stains in your sheets after people have sex-stained them or are you asking how to make people not have sex? :blush:
It does however concern me that you would go and find a guest afterwards and contact his work place re a stain in some sheets. Just. :astonished:
Of course people are gonna have sex!
When they do, you clean it up and nothing else. No stalking and no contacting coworkers or anybody else. Just deal with it as a normal person.

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