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Sex stained sheets


You know what I’m going to say here - but I won’t. I’ll just mention Captain Pugwash again. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ahhh … ok. AirBnB isn’t for you mate.


I gotta figure that Bohemia is just having a little trolling fun here.

The odd preoccupation with stains… and “outing” someone for errant staining.
Can’t be serious. Some kind of radical airbnb humor?


Maybe you need to have some A sex and get the F over yourself.

OOPS, did I say that?



I would hope this wasn’t an actual host but I’m afraid it probably is. Of course Bohemia could be anyone but there a plenty of Airbnb hosts who are just as bad or worse.


Maybe Bohemia should start a separate thread – or maybe even establish a special web site – for people with a special preoccupation with stains, body fluids, etc.

The interest seems to go way beyond a normal housekeeping/rental interest in the topic.


I’ve just had a family stay, the two teenage daughters shared a bed…Bohemian would have gone into meltdown (referring to her previous thread)


Thanks for the giggles, “ice cream” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I would hope we respect guests privacy and they respect ours. What goes on in the Airbnb stays in the Airbnb lol. The exception would be criminal activity, but dirtying sheets was not an offence last time I looked. We only have the right to make a claim for new linen if that’s what we want.

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