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Sex stained sheets


Oh that’s what “A sex” means. Well I’ve heard of such things I suppose. But I actually have a notice on the back door suggesting it is very dirty back there and prefer guests not to use it so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Funny thing is, I’m guessing ol’ Bohemia is from Brighton, where A Sex was pretty much invented (with perhaps, a nod to the Greeks)


Surely that would be Canal Street in Manchester or Anal Street as it is often referred to.


Or A Street, according to Bohemia.
Both very inventive cities!


Is that what Duke Ellington meant when he wrote “Take the A Train”?


I remember one of my friends turning down a bit of A, as he had a train in the tunnel!


Lol. It was Billy Strayhorn who wrote A Train, not Duke, so most likely yes, double entendre.


Does she mean privately?


I had a menstruating honeymooner. Cleaning up after that was like something from the movie psycho. But I didnt even make a claim or feel the need to shame.


Good for you :slight_smile:

It’s part of our job. When you are ‘selling’ a bed, which is what we are all doing by offering accommodation, we really can’t complain about what goes on within it.

Yes, I think that most of us would secretly prefer to host only post-menopausal nuns but that’s just not reality. Reality is stained. Life is mucky. Humans are, sorry to say, dirty. Our natural functions are not nice. As hosts we have to accept that.

Nine times out of ten (for me anyway) sheets and towels need only laundering. On the tenth occasion they need soaking and possibly bleaching and washing and soaking again and hanging in the sun and maybe even soaking again…

But it’s not every day. I can do this thing from time to time. It’s really no big deal.


We don’t live at our rental so we don’t clean it either. I love reading this forum because of all the horror stories and the squabbling but the best thing that has happened to me all day is learning about this naughty UK kids’ show from the 70’s. Took a minute to get the cabin boy bit (we don’t use that word in the states, but of course I’ve seen it used in print). Makes the Simpsons sound pretty mild by comparison.


Funniest thing I looked up. At first I thought these people were joking. But oh no…I found out Master Bates was originally Master Mates. And then I had to also research what was wrong with Roger the cabin boy.,…lol


Post menopausal nuns could have a sex life too you know. Have you heard the old joke where one nun say to the other: “where’s the candle?” and the other replies “yes it does.”. Helps if you say it out loud.


Or The Doors and 'Back Door Man?


Not a case to shame but I definitely think a judicious use of a towel would be in order. Perhaps also judicious use of a diaphragm.


My favourite nun jokes is about the blind man.


I would throw out the sheets and mattress cover and call it a day. They probably are not aware of the “sex staining” that occurred and if you “out” them publicly, that would embarrass them. If they return, just make sure to cover the mattress with extra plastic covers and use “throw away” sheets.


Two nuns on their way to the market are riding bicycles in the old part of the city. First nun says “I’ve never come this way before.” Second nun says “Must be the cobblestones.”
Sorry could not resist sinking to the lowest level.


Hmm. That doesn’t seem that bad, it’s kind of cute. LOL.


We have an old boy in the pub who insists on telling me his really, really awful “racy” jokes. He thinks I’m a prude so I will enjoy telling him this one.

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