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Sex stained sheets


Thank you all for your replies, especially the mroe constructive ones @Bunny and to that person who asked I am not deranged but expect a certain propriety from my guests.

For those more interested in the previously mentioned obnoxious guest, there was more to it than the stained sheets (so bad they had to be binned). We are talking A sex here. He dumped open bags of rubbish (what you lot probably call garbage) in my car parking area and that included 4 empty bottles of Vodka and the pile of dirt/food stuff on the lounge floor suggested they had a party at the house. When contacting about the sheets he was bullish and denied it. Airbnb were not very pro-active and I was a bit of a newbie so I started investigating him. No reviews but he had bragged that he worked for a well know American financial publication. Excellent news for me as it took 20 seconds to find his and his workmates email addresses. So I sent the pics of the sheets and details of our conversation to all his workmates. Sounds reasonable to me. Also lots of items on G of him downing multiple shotts of Vodka in Russia in drinking competitions.
Addtionally, a more detailed look at the Arirbnb site showed he had stayed previously at a house in central London with M. I contacted M and she was happy to tell me of her experience and how her housekeeper was appalled at the state of the bedding which again was binned.
I am sorry dear readers that some you find this such a sensitve topic. May I suggest the forum manager points this out to truth sayers such as myself when they join. Something like ‘no sex we’re sensitive people who let our Airbnb guests defecate all over us’.
Again thanks for the positive responses.


Was there a pee tape? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Reminds me of Seaman Staines, one of Captain Pugwash’s crew. It was a Saturday morning kid’s cartoon when I grew up in the '70s, honest.


I remember that too! …and what about the character Master Bates. (Master being another word for Captain.) Maybe it subliminally affected me in some way…I’m just waiting for some nut to come back with that.


I do not agree with you that I should be the one to clean it up. What is a normal person?- now there is a debate. Are you normal Christian - telling people what to do?


What was your point of involving his co-workers regarding a stain?
That was an overreaction and quite crazy and definitely not normal.

By the way Bohemia, when you ask a question or post something on this forum you should expect an answer or response.
My response wasn’t meant to be malicious but when dealing with guests and people in your home you should expect things like this. It’s normal for people to be messy, have sex and it’s normal for a host to be disappointed sometimes hosting all kinds of people but please don’t be a horrible person by stalking and shaming them.
Forgot to mention the obvious. If horrible guests should be outed, use the proper channels and claim extra cleaning fee via the platform and obviously leave an honest review and thumb down the person and give the lowest possible stars.

Now, am I normal? Probably not but your actions are deffo not normal that’s for sure.


why on earth would you bring the guy’s work colleagues into your problem? That’s atrocious behaviour. Surely that’s illegal. Maybe renting out isn’t for you.


I’ve been a full time landlord and estate agent since 1983 so I think I am adequately qualified to let property in a proper manner under UK government legislation. That is nothing to do with Airbnb which is still forming itself imo. My argument is what is appropriate as a guest.

The lady ‘M’ in my previous post who experienced same guest suggested ‘he should go to an hotel if he wants to behave like that’. Myself, I don’t see hotel behaviour and Airbnb behaviour as the same.
Also please bear in mind that you are not getting the full flavour of this particular guest’s argument over what he could do in my house and how he was intending to pursue it - until I stopped him dead. There is more that would not be welcome on this site I now understand the sensitivity of some of the readers.


I think the problem was not Too Much Information but not enough! If someone wet themselves in bed that is one thing. If it appeared they had been involved in some (alleged) Trump-in-Russia type golden shower sex act then we need to know!


Sperm, blood, or shite? This is part of hosting, put it in the washing machine, maybe a higher temperature than normal.


I assure you we aren’t sensitive about sex or any of the other bodily functions that result in messes in beds, in toilets, on walls, ceilings, or drapes. Members discuss these things periodically here.

As for “truth-sayers” (WTH, sounds like something from a dystopian novel) the truth sayers don’t just include you with your Victorian mores. A number of us think an airbnb host internet stalking a guest and then “outing” him (with glee!) to his coworkers is bizarre and inappropriate. So you can give us your truth and we get to say our truth right back to you. You need a forum manager to tell you that everyone gets to tell you what they please when you join the forum? Fine, I just told you.

I think you are suffering from some cognitive function deficits.


My, I do see Life with a capital L on the Airhosts forum …

While i agree that “outing” guests for having sex to their workmates is rather creepy (and counterproductive since their workmates are more likely to celebrate rather than criticise) I also wonder at guests who don’t travel with a designated towel … don’t people do that anymore? Either our guests do or my eyesight is not good enough to see stains or they’re all celibate …

@JamJerrupSunset There you go again James …we’re not even going to mention Roger the Cabin Boy …(damn, I just did!)


game, set and match!

(new balls please)


Oh, Barns! …


I think we have all of Captain Pugwash’s crew mentioned now: Master Bates, Seamen Staines and Roger the Cabin Boy.


What about the song Frigging in the Rigging?


Never mind dystopian novels, I think this scenario would make a fabulous psychological thriller movie. Perhaps along the lines of Sleeping with the Enemy, with the host stalking the guests then a member of the forum slaying the host at the last minute.


Don’t you read? If so, you’ll be fully aware that it is you who is being the delicate flower here. You’re talking to people here who deal with the widest possible variety of bodily fluids on a regular basis. We might grumble a bit about it from time to time but we get on with what we’re being paid to do.

You my dear, on the other hand, give the opinion that you are offended by sex (anal or otherwise - or, as you put it, ‘A sex’ presumably because the very word offends you) and it’s somehow beneath you to deal with the issue when your stated preference is to stalk hosts online and ‘expose’ them to their work colleagues (who probably sniggered good-naturedly and decided that you were some sort of nutjob).

All in all, you’ve been pretty insulting to regular and valued members here. You’ve admitted that you send photographs of the guest’s soiled sheet to all his workmates. You have shown that you have a sex-obsessed mind when (in a previous thread) you decided that a guy staying in a room with his sister was a child-molester. I’m sorry, but I do think that you’re rather strange and I’d hate casual readers of this forum (of which there are many) to think that your attitudes are representative of the average Airbnb host. They are not.


Wasn’t that a British dance hall skit???


I remember it by the Sex Pistols.

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