Setting up bistro/ patio set outside

Thinking about setting up a small bistro set with a couple chairs and table at my listing, you know Incase guests like to enjoy having a coffee outside or for them to smoke if they have to . I was just wondering if any of you guys have done this and if so do guests appreciate it or even mention it in the reviews?

I have one set up at every AirBnB house on the porch. I don’t allow smoking anywhere on the property so it isn’t for that, but rather is a place they can sit outside and have their morning coffee or evening cocktail or wine. No one has ever mentioned it in the reviews. I don’t think a lot of guests use it, or if they do, they don’t comment on it. But I still think it a worthwhile amenity to have.

I recently stayed at an AirBnB that had a wonderful, large second floor deck/balcony. The host had not so much as a single chair out there. I thought it was a wasted opportunity for them to have something guests would really appreciate. If there had been a table and chairs there, I’m sure I would have had breakfast out there.

Yes. Our rentals have shared access to table and chairs on the upper walkway, a table and benches on the grass and chairs with small tables on the dock. Guests tend to spend half their time there -eating, reading, internet-ing, snoozing, smoking, having a coffee or glass of wine…

It takes a lot of pressure off the interiors of the apartments.

But we’ve got a great view and almost permanent lovely weather. It depends where you are.

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We allow smoking on our deck and this is also where we would serve breakfast if the weather allows it. Many guests have complimented on this.


If you have outside space then definitely utilise it.

We have a traditional Andalucian central patio, which is shared between two apartments. It’s pretty big, almost 70m2, so plenty of room for everyone. From when the weather starts to warm up, Aprilish, through to late Autumn it’s in use. Folks eat outside, drink outside and depending on the make up of the guests, party outside as well (only till 24:00 of course :wink: ).

Heading off this afternoon to look at upgrading our outside furniture, to be honest we hadn’t realised how popular our outside space was going to become!


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Yes, this is a definite plus. I live in temperate place with a long outdoor season. The Airbnb room doesn’t have any living or dining space so the front porch does get used by guests in nice weather. However, a majority of my guests are one night stays. If I were trying to attract longer stays this would be a must have. It was recently mentioned by a guest with an 11 night stay:

Beautiful porch to sit all day and enjoy hummingbirds visiting.

I have an outdoor IKEA table that folds down and comes with four chairs that fold as well.

I only have two chairs because I got it second hand and I only keep one chair out by the table. The guest can bring the desk chair from in the airbnb room outside, it’s just a few steps. I put a piece of oilcloth in the warm season and in winter I have a outdoor furniture cover for it.

If you have a way to get the items used there are always people moving and looking to sell patio furniture.

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Our guests have their own covered balcony that overlooks our surrounding pine forest.

We provide light-weight, plastic wicker chairs (with seat cushions) and matching round table, which guests use while enjoying their morning coffee or sipping wine later.

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I have a modest little set-up. Our problem is we’re plagued by mosquitos, but I’d say it makes your place more marketable/seem bigger if you have a little outdoor space. Now the solar lights are another story. Every year I buy several strings and they stop working. Anybody have any sure-shooters?

I don’t. The reason I don’t is because I don’t want people to congregate outside, drink, become intoxicated, speak loud, sing etc and bother my neighbors. There is very little privacy between my patio and my neighbors’ and I can hear my 2 neighbors when they are outside for example and Im gardening or mowing the grass at the house for example.

People have suggested that I should have a grill and patio furniture. Yeah, if I’m ever going to live there, I’ll have one for myself. I don’t trust guests with a grill either or being responsible to clean out the coal. For God sake, some of my guests forget the house unlocked or the door cracked.

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I heard that Ring came up with solar light with video cameras. I’m going to get these. With the regular lights i think the batteries need to be changes now and then. I didn’t have much luck either. They only function in summer, when there’s enough light during the day.

Mypictonhouse: We bought these LED solar lights, which look like tiki-torch flames. The fake orange flames are much brighter than most, whose solar battery lasts 8 hours after charging in sunlight.

They are $17 each and sold in packs of 2, 6, or 8 solar torches. Our neighbors like them, too. Here is the Walmart website, where I purchased the torches:

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I have some solar landscape lights from Costco that have been working for years. Maybe the problem is with the strings getting a broken connection?

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These are super cool : )

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We have outside seating as well and it has been mentioned in a couple of reviews. Our last few guests have really enjoyed it! The grass is fully green now and the garden is in full bloom.

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I imagine this depends on your listing. I’d say that if you don’t currently have an outdoor table at all, your guests will use it and appreciate it, and it’s better if it’s closer to your kitchen, and even better if covered by an roof/umbrella to shield guest from the weather.

I have a small (8ft x 10ft) patio in the front with a bistro set. It’s not covered, but it’s shaded under a tree. I also have a large (9ft x 50ft) covered patio in the back with a 6-person and a 4-person table. All three of the outdoor tables have ash trays for smokers. The 6-person table which is closest to the kitchen gets used by every guest. The others almost never get used.

AvaH: You just wrote, your backyard grass is now greener and the garden is in bloom.

I suggest taking a new photo of your backyard and post it with your other Airbnb property photos.


I am fortunate to have a home on pilings which offers a lot of outdoor space. I recently reduced the size of my dog run and added this outdoor seating/dining area with a TV and it has greatly reduced the time guests spend actually in my home. If they’re not on the beach or sight-seeing, they can usually be found down here.

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I have a question about the TV. Is that an expensive outdoor TV or just a regular one?

It is a very inexpensive, $129 Roku from Walmart. And it works great! I recently switched to fiber optic cable for my internet and have great signal strength so it has no problem picking up the wifi.

Yes, regular TVs aren’t expensive but it’s hard to see the picture in the bright light of day. Then there is the issue of weather. But I’ve considered putting an outdoor TV on my covered patio as well