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Seeing reviews help


Actually, twice over. His payment failed, I called CS and they covered him. Then his payment came through a few days later.

That guy was such a jerk. One saving grace was that I have a twin air mattress kit for $30 (total, not per night) but that price goes to $50 “when given less than 24h notice”. It’s a way to deal with unregistered guests. I never would have approved 6 people to stay in my 4-person place, but at least I received some kind of payment for it.


I’m surprised but glad AirBnB let you keep your double payment.


Actually, @TheInsider did not state that 6% of reservations end up “in conflict”, as you phrased it, what he said was

Your claim, and your subsequent extrapolation, is nonsense. If they were correct, there would probably be more hosts getting “ghosted” than fresh hosts joining!

There will always be bad guests, it’s a simple fact of life. The mark of a good host is how they deal with bad guests, and do it in such a way as to not affect their feedback.



wait…my 6% of call/write in with any issue related to Airbnb is nonsense? Now I’m confused as I’m fairly certain I see the volume of calls, trained on how to handle them, know that millions of successful reservations occur each day without a single issue that is brought to our attention happens, and honestly I’m here to help. I’m here as an insider, not a host or guest. My feedback on this forum should always be taken as mostly facts based on policy, what actually happens regardless of policy, or my opinion which I always try to state as such. Sometimes I jump offline for a bit and have several messages to respond to so I do miss stating “my opinion” as a disclaimer. The 6% isn’t made up nor may it be a dead accurate %, but rather something that is openly discussed to new agents during training because new agents always think Airbnb is nothing but problems based on the calls they address each day so the 6% helps them understand the amazingly large number of actual reservations that occur daily.


No, but for another poster to quote you out of context, and then take that figure and suggest that the 6% is completely made up of reservations with conflict that could ultimately lead to a host being binned is!



Thanks for clarifying, I was definitely confused for a minute!


That’ll be the effects of the whisky flavoured popcorn then :wink:



That was last week John, damn it. Just up on coffee now lmao.

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