Seeing reviews help

I wish there was a way to see the review from guest before I make one. I have one that has been here twice and each time she leaves a ridiculous bad review. The first time she said she found a dead fly in the window so the place was dirty, this time she said the floor was not swept or the rugs vacuumed in a long time, which is not so.

You need to call Airbnb and ask them to block her from booking your place again. If she IB’d your place you should have called to cancel as “not comfortable.” If she didn’t IB you should have told her you weren’t willing to host her a second time.

Why is a second stay Airbnb’s fault?


I wonder why you didn’t block the guest so she couldn’t book with you again @cougarpeak?

As @KKC says your other option was to ask Airbnb to cancel the booking.

You have an opportunity to response calmly and professionally to any point in her review which you feel are untrue,

Please block her now so she can’t book with you again.

This was my bad public review from a guest that gave me full stars.


Private feedback:
“Thank you for the weekend gone by!”


Well I did not know I could do that

It was no ones fault but my own. the first time there was a dead fly in the window and I thought ok let it go, when she booked again I thought well she was kinda right the first time so I let it go. On the first visit they left the bed bloody all the way through to the mattress and I said nothing, this time they stayed an hour past check out time.

If you block someone are they told you have blocked them?

I can understand that. Maybe that was one of those preemptive reviews where she thought you would say something bad so she thought she had to say something bad.

I just read in another thread that they aren’t “told” but if they try to book again they get a message. If I find it I’ll post it here.

Who cares if they get a message? as long as they cannot book or message you.



In the thread yesterday the poster was concerned because the guest knows where they live (and maybe was local) and she didn’t want to be personally confronted with them appearing at her door.

Oh ok, I remember that post.


One dead fly in one window is petty to write in a review. In the cleanest house, a fly will get in when a door is open and it will always die in a window somewhere trying to get out. If that was really the only thing, then would you really want her to come back? And worse, if it was really a problem, why would she come back?

What star rating did she leave you?

@KKC is correct. IB = every reso can be cxl due to H not being comfortable with the guest or reso in general; no questions asked CBA all day long. With that being said, a dead fly being disclosed in a review isn’t bad. As much as I can candy coat this… hosts, please STOP freaking out over one 2-4 star review because the guest is needy and wants to bitch about every detail. Other guests will see right past the bs of that guest (if they even choose to read the reviews in the first place).

Additionally, the review policy is a double-blind system. Both parties must post their review before seeing the other person’s simply to protect both parties in allowing that other review to influence how you write your review. If one person writes a review but not the other, that review will be made public after the 14 day window has passed. Once reviews have been posted, the host has a chance to respond to the guest’s (most commonly) bs needy-I’m entitled to everything type of review which support agents HIGHLY suggest you doing so future guests see both sides of the story.

A few different hosts in my city’s Facebook group claim you can call the CS agent and have them read the review to you before you return the favor. I don’t know if this is true. I’ve not tried calling because I have other ways to preempt a bad review. As @KKC noted, you’d have preempted your second bad review from this guest by not hosting her again.

1000% negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. No agent PERIOD can see any review prior to the same EXACT time you can see it as a host, guest, or site visitor. Someone on FB is just trying to feel apart of the conversation. The double-blind review system is rock solid (if there is such a thing) most agents know the ins-outs of the system and have developed ways to bypass the “rules” to help out a host or guest as they see fit but this is simply not one of those situations.

she left 2 star the first time and today it was 3. I have tried to block her but can’t find a way to do it

Clearly if she truly had a ‘2 ☆’ stay she wouldnt have returned. What a loser.

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I think they are winding you up @Xena

Did you look on the Help Centre? @cougarpeak

Here is how to block someone, they won’t be able to message you or book again :

Go to their profile or messages and click on “Report” or the little flag :

Click the appropriate or closest reason then you should see this :

and… “block this person” :

You should see this in the messages after :

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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