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Saving Private Chen

Regular readers (and posters) know that we have a host in need, @Chen_Susanne. This well-meaning but rather bizarre lady needs everyone’s help to become a good host. She is currently floundering in the dark :slight_smile:

In the spirit of Airbnb, let’s help her create a stunning listing and eventually become a superhost! (What a challenge!)

Right, so who will be the first? Good luck to all :slight_smile:

  1. Write your listing your native language, or at least a language you have a high level of proficiency in

  2. Charge a deposit that makes since, if you are renting for $84/night a deposit of $700 is very high. I would suggest 2x your nightly rate

  3. Leave out the bizarre descriptions of every store within a few KM of your listing


First we need the details of the listing.

Is it a private room?
Whole house?
Where is it?
What are similar places going for? (Should probably drop the price a bit until you have a bunch of reviews).

Have you got your insurance sorted? Important one.

Other legal requirements like safety. Different places require different things. Where I am you need smoke alarms on each floor and a gas safety certificate each year.


A past thread that includes many great ideas: What are your top tips for making your guests happy?

One thing to add: Provide a Guest Book. Wonderful way to get feedback and oftentimes allows them to be critical, but better than doing so in a public review.

Also gives YOU the ability to ask questions, thank them and do implement their suggestions. PLEASE keep in mind, the guests are NOT your adversary, which may be a common way of thinking in China, but you are now in Germany.


OK, Private Chen

Plastic is not generally a luxury material. Your place would look more elegant if you got rid of:

-The pink plastic flower pot on the kitchen counter
-All of the plastic flowers in vases
-The red plastic kitchen tool hanging from the wall

The little trash can does not need to be in the photo of the room.

In your section about parking, you say something to the effect that if a guests parks an expensive car in the street, local children will scratch it up. This does not make your neighborhood sound very nice.

Cut out the part about the firemen coming if a guest lights up a cigarette. I understand that you don’t want people smoking in your apartment, but it makes you sound like a loon.

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  1. Don’t ramble, be short, sweet, and to the point

Yeah I have seen people write essays of pointless information. No one wants a wall of text.

My room information is just like: double bed, clothes rack, chest of drawers.

No need to write a paragraphs on how the grand master of furniture makers crafted it in his floating castle in 1546. Most people don’t give a crap. They just want to know whats included.

  1. Set realistic prices for your property
  2. Don’t charge a stupid amount that nobody will pay
  3. Set your price according to local competition
  4. Seriously. Don’t be so greedy! Nobody will book with your crazy price.
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That was seriously in there about firemen coming if they smoke? That really needs to go. It could attract a lot of guests who don’t actually smoke but would be puffing away in the hope it would happen.


Photos of the actual space the guests will access. Better photos of the room and bathroom, since that is the guests main area.

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Vile. Absolutely, shockingly vile. What a bunch of sneering, condescending, hypocritical bullies. Dressing your nastiness and vindictiveness up as being some sort of noble ‘saviours’. Go and have a long, hard look at yourselves in the mirror. And find your glee and entertainment elsewhere, rather than in some poor woman who’s clearly displaying all the classic signs of mental instability.

You get that we are actually trying to help her, right? No one’s laughing at her, this thread was not started for entertainment value. Clearly you jumped into a convo that you know nothing about. BUT if you have any advice for Chen, please add as we would all love for her to become a real super host!

Interesting. Who here is bold enough to call us bullies but not bold enough to post under their previously used name? If you were already a contributing member of this community maybe your possibly valid point would be taken more seriously.

You got anything ~constructive~ to add @Sammy01 to THIS thread (in a forum you just joined), whose sole purpose is to help her become a better and successful host?

When all is said and done, it is now up to her to take the enclosed advise, ~now offered in a condense form~, without any unnecessary fanfare or personal criticism. Perhaps it will help other newcomers also.


Hey @Chen_Susanne I hope you come back and read all these helpful tips x

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I am not going to participate in this thread, because I somewhat agree with Sammy.
This is going too far.


I’m inclined to agree. While I think all the people on this forum are fine people, this does smack a little of ganging up on someone. Seriously, I think you are all great folks, so it pains me a little to have to say this.

I suggest everyone leave this lady alone. If she wants help, she knows where to find it.

Although I will say that the hints that everyone has offered have been very good. But why not adopt someone as a project who is actually asking for help? :slight_smile:


I am in agreement that this is ganging up on Chen but I don’t think I’m going too far in saying that it is well deserved. I think the point on this forum is to help others by sharing our experiences and helpful ideas. Chen is a NEW host that came in and started not only spreading non truths but also tore down and insulted many different ethnicities. I was always taught if I don’t know what I’m talking about I should shut up and listen before opening my mouth. Chen doesn’t want to learn, she just wants to lecture and call names.

She is a bully and a bigot.

This group of people have no money, this group of people take too many showers, this group of people aren’t real germans. Such idiotic and most of the time incoherent nonsense.

I’m glad that she ran away from this forum. Its like the class clown getting kicked out. Maybe the class is less entertaining but it should become more productive.

I think its great that someone that thinks and speaks like her is shunned by this community.

Bravo to this forum


All good points. But just ignoring someone is an option, you know. And in general it is a good option. Some people even like the attention, and it encourages them.


I agree, even though the suggestions are valid the spirit of this thread was to satirize her. I ignore her and suggest that’s a kinder more productive approach.

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