Review star system - need to educate guests

We’ve had this before but it’s a big ongoing issue. I just had a guest give 3 stars. He said he gave his previous three hosts similar stars. He thought of it like the hotel system. None of the other hosts said anything. Arggh! I am glad I quizzed him. Also glad I gave him thumbs down anyway (PITA - windows repeatedly left open when out, wasting central heating, putting washing machine on after midnight).

Pot meet kettle …

Not at all. I was fair, he was not! Just a good job I was not over generous and understanding as is my habit.

I’m in favor of educating guests. We do this in our information leaflet. If guests think they can make you happy because they consider you a 3 star hotel, there’s definitely a good reason to start educating them.


I have this (plagiarised) in a frame, plus in our Welcome Kit


I copied that chart as well, but changed the wording a bit. I’m hopeful that it helps future guests understand the rating system a little better.

One of the things that I changed was mentioning problems with the property that the host didn’t correct after being contacted since some guests tend to mention nothing until they leave and then complain about it in the review.


I really like that, can you please tell me what you wrote and where?

I just had another host write in a review that he couldn’t use a piece of equipment because the power cord was missing (I had no idea). In my welcome message I send this:

Makes me so mad!!

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I mention that in my listing and in my welcome binder, and I also have guests who choose to say nothing about things until they leave. Drives me mad! I’m not at my computer right now, but as an example, my 3-star might say something like, “Okay. There were a lot of problems with the property that impacted my stay that the host wouldn’t fix, or the host refused to respond when I contacted them.”

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