Request to rent room for just 4 hours

We just got a request to rent one of our rooms for two people from 11:00am to 3:00pm !
It’s obvious this is a lunch-break hookup. I don’t really have any desire to accept…we live in a small village and it wouldn’t be good if word got around that we were running a no-tell motel with rooms by the hour. We have close friends whose airbnb was used as a pop-up brothel. Anyone else have these kind of requests / experiences?

Yes, there are other posts here about it and most of us have had similar requests at some time. You might be right about it being a lunchtime hookup (is the guest local?) but I’ve also had guests who were between flights, and one who was in town for a job interview and wanted somewhere to have a nap, shower and freshen up before it.

I don’t mind as long as they pay the nightly rate for their few hours.

I don’t know whether it’s an area thing but daytime hookups tend to use hotels here. :wink:

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My daytime rental was for a couple of folks with a business venture who needed internet and a place to work.

I love truncated reservations, more money with less work for me. I guess I would draw the line at repeat pimp bookings, but otherwise whatever consenting adults do doesn’t bother me.

You didn’t say what you were basing your conclusion on, but even if it’s an afternoon delight rental, it’s unlikely you’ll be inundated with with such requests through some cheaters’ network. I guess there is a risk they will want to book regularly, however. So a personal call on your part. We are all unique as hosts in our expectations and our requirements.


Exactly. I don’t care if they’re hooking up for lunch. If they’re clean and don’t expect a discount from the nightly rate, they’re 5-star guests.


I’m in a suburb, not a village. And we home-share with guests.

I wouldn’t care about an 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. booking, but it would actually mean paying for a two-night stay. Since our regular checkout time is 10 a.m., I couldn’t have the room ready for another guest by 11 a.m. And since our regular checkin time starts at 4 p.m., I couldn’t have the room ready for a guest that night.

If the guests were willing to pay for two nights, I’d be delighted to have them stay for four hours.

That situation is all assuming non-COVID conditions. As it is now, we’ve been closed for nearly a year because of the pandemic. When and if we ever reopen, we will require at least two days between guests. Under that situation, we might be able to rent the four hours as one night. And I would never give someone a discount for just staying four hours.


They said they’d pay the nightly rate, so we pre-approved and we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the input.


Umm, not literally I hope :wink:

Anyway, if I’m ever wandering around the US with my OH, I know a few hosts happy to pander to afternoon delights




I’m fine with it under the same qualifications as stated by others. In fact, I’d like to do my part getting rid of antiquated ideas about sex. Unfortunately, since my place is separate from me but attached to my house, i.e., the guest room next to my computer room, it’s not the most private location for such activities.

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Just for clarification, how did you schedule this with your outgoing and incoming guest bookings? 11-4, to me, is the time I use between guests for cleaning etc. Did you have some extra days open?

“Cheaters Network” :laughing:


Well, because of covid and it being the off season we have only 1 booking every 2 weeks …at most.


drl, this give me an idea - locals who need to get away for the day from their small or crowded homes or apartments could book a day (9-5 for example) for remote work and zoom meetings. Even half the normal rate would be profitable with no sleeping and linens.

Perhaps advertising this on a local ‘patch’ or ‘next door’?

Thoughts (from everyone)?

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We also had a request to book a room for 4 hours, 11am to 3pm. The guest was in town at a market and needed a quiet place for a Zoom meeting. I had to decline as our current guests checking out weren’t leaving till 11am.

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I’d be willing if I were open. When I was open I only got one request that in that ballpark. The guy wanted to arrive late at night but stay the whole day and check out late like 4pm. I accepted because I was leaving a couple of days between guests at the time. He was apparently traveling across country and working all day, driving in the evening to the next town and repeating. I can’t recall where he was from but he didn’t seem to have any trouble finding places to stay.

I’d thought I might get some requests from people needing to isolate from family. Maybe the time slots they needed were never available but I never got that kind of request either.

There is a demand for day accommodation as @rolf suggests. It’s not just a pandemic thing though - I think that has been going for almost as long as Airbnb. :wink:

When I think back, I remember that we’ve had guests who stayed just a few hours. Those were mainly people who said they were driving a long distance and wanted a place to sleep for four to six hours. I remember one guy who arrived at 2 a.m. or later and was checked out by 7 a.m. That was no problem. A couple once stayed here for five or six hours during the day. They were perfectly quiet, so I think they were sleeping. They paid for two nights.

Another was a group of young women (too many, as it turned out, but I was a new host and didn’t know what to do). All they wanted was the use of our red glass bathroom for a photo shoot. I had no idea what they were doing. They were here for three or four hours, like 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. They weren’t a problem, although they ruined a couple of towels with makeup and got makeup on the glass walls of the room. But that’s the cost of doing business. They paid for the whole night, of course. We would no longer allow photo shoots without prior permission from us. And I might well adjust the price considerably higher, depending on what the shoot was for, how many would be here, etc.

Anyway, there certainly are reasons to rent for a few hours at a time, provided the guest pays what’s appropriate.

Just a follow-up to my original post…
This couple has stayed several times now, about once a month, always on a Tuesday.
They are mid-sixties, very discreet, leave the room spotless, stay 2-3 hours and pay the full night rate. Don’t know, don’t care why…they’re good clients.


Thanks for updating us. A lot of people leave money on the table (and other bad things) by stereotyping. I’m glad this worked out for you.

I had a request for 10 hour stay from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.How would you respond? Do you get any request like this? I’d be curious. Of course as it straddles two consecutive bookings so I had to decline, saying perhaps as a last-minute reservation I could have accepted.

Probably a photo shoot or filming request. You should search this forum for more on this. Always ask for big $$$…