Replacing comet insurance

Comet insurance has apparently gone out of business. Has anyone who used them found a viable alternative? Thank you.

Are you in the states? I have Travelers Ins and the agent wrote in a clause to cover short term rentals.

@Mountainclimber17, you probably need to specify what type of listing you have since there are different companies that service whole-house rentals vs. shared-space rentals.

Definitely go to your insurance agent. If you don’t have one, get one. I know lots of people have internet insurance, here for their cars and there for their house and they’re probably saving a little money. For the past forty years, I’ve made it a practice to have one insurance agent, with a local office, to cover everything. They work their tails off finding me the best possible coverage for the best price. They call me in every year for a full review of coverage. Whenever I have an issue or question, one phone call, or an office visit, gets me answers. I learned to do this from a good friend that was the first woman VP at Hartford.


There have been some references to Slice for insurance in other threads.

apparently Slice is not taking new policy.

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WE a have room in our house with private entrance and bathroom, no shared space. Not really a full apt. because there is no cooking, just microwave and coffee maker. We were using Comet which seemed to work fine.

Several homeowner’s insurance companies offer insurance for renting a room in the house you live in. Have you checked on that?

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Usaa includes in their policy now.