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Quitting as a host

I need some feedback. I absolutely have loved being a host for the past year. We only had a couple poorly behaved guests. Overall it has been great. We rent out a camper on our property.
We are no longer able to host for the next couple of years (too long a story). So I need to unlist our stay. However……… I want to host in the future. It won’t be the same camper, but probably something similar. I want to know how to go about taking our listing off and not getting any bad karma from air so we can host again easily in the future.

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Never done it - but I think you can snooze your listing!

Yeah just snooze the listing and when you’re ready you can start a new listing. I don’t know how it’s done but you don’t have to worry about “bad karma” from Airbnb.

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I thought of that but it will be a completely different listing just in the same basic location.
I can probably just contact air, but wondered if any of you guys had any insight.

You can delist it or snooze it. There are instructions for how to do that if you do a search on the main site Airbnb Help section.

The good thing is that you will keep all your past reviews, as they are pegged to the host, not the listing. They won’t appear on a new listing, but they stay on your profile. And on the new listing, while it will show no reviews yet, Airbnb puts wording there, " This host has XX # of reviews for other properties", and when guests click on that, they’ll see your past reviews.

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The ratings/ reviews are attached to the host, not the listing.
Your reviews will show against a new listing.

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You can just delist it (deactivate) and when you’re ready to continue hosting, just list it again.

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I’ve had two other Airs. They were in different locations, but don’t think it’s a problem to just snooze it and when you start up again just add your new trailer. Your reviews all follow you even if there’s a big break from listing.

It won’t be the same listing again. She said it will be a new trailer. Probably similar, but not the same.

This…I’ve moved two of my listings to LTR for a variety of reasons & delisted them. One will eventually go back to STR. If I keep the other one LTR I will cancel/deactivate the listing in the future. For now I’ll keep my options open.

See screen shots a couple posts below. Airbnb has changed its listing status terminology

This is 100% correct.

And be careful to just snooze it. I would elect to NOT obliterate it completely (I think that function is called “delete” or something like that). You can use the old listing for reference material and even as a starting point (to copy) for the new listing you roll out years down the line. You may find looking at the old listing a little annoying (I know I do for my old snoozed listings! Can’t WAIT until the “archive” function comes out for those old listings), but it’s still nice to have the listing out there.

You can forward the old listing to friends/acquaintances/investors when needed to point to some of your past work.

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Oh, I missed that. You’re right. She’ll need to create a new listing.

Airbnb changed some of their terminology. If you Unlist, you can then snooze for up to six months or select indefinite unlist

My listing has been unlisted since April 7, 2020. No bad karma. I’ve even made Superhost for 6 quarters after unlisting. :upside_down_face:

I don’t think so. They will show on the host’s profile, but not on a new listing. They will show on the listing only if you re-list or un-snooze the same listing.


You are Super because you unlisted. There’s still an ongoing pandemic. Thanks for doing your part.


I take no credit. My homeowner’s association shut me down due to a rule change I didn’t know about (still 100% my fault). My HOA banned short-term rentals in 2010, but I have been living in my neighborhood–where my listing is also located–since 1995 and never read the updated CC&Rs.

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Yes that can happen. Happened to me.

We have one STR in the neighborhood where I live. Our master document requires all leases to be 12 months or more.

I think the owner was brilliant. She & her mom did the cleaning. She lived there, rented long weekends only & stayed with her mom during the rental. She’s used the revenue to paydown her mortgage.

I’m on the board. Someone at the property management company mentioned she had seen it on Airbnb.

My question, “Has anyone complained?”
“Is her calendar booked”
“Not much”
“Let’s not create extra work for ourselves. If someone complains we will take action. Plus she may get tired of it and quit. Let’s give this a chance to take care of itself.”

She didn’t last a year—too much trouble & 1 really bad guest. I think she was priced too low.

The Board was receptive to waiting because another board member wants to list her condo for travel nurse housing if/when she moves. Plus at the time there was only one STR so not a problem.


Delist. Do you ever use Airbnb as a guest? You still belong to the community. I don’t think Airbnb will bother you.

That is so good to know!! I looked and saw that I will lose all of my messages and such, but that is good to know that I will still have my reviews.

One thing to consider - snooze it now. When you un-snooze someday, perhaps you might simply update the photos and listing info. Think of it like “renovations” instead of a brand new listing - so you can restart again and keep all those reviews that you worked so hard to get!
But … a new listing also has a 4-6 week “new listing viewing boost”. Thoughts to consider for later on.

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