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Quitting as a host

This seems dishonest. The reviews are always attached to the host’s profile. But if you change out all the description and photos to a different “home” or in this case, camper, and leave the reviews for the other place with it, you are misrepresenting the listing. Say for example the first camper had a very comfortable bed but the new camper doesn’t. I read all the reviews saying its comfortable, but it’s not comfortable? And now my review saying it’s not comfortable looks like the odd one but it’s actually the true one? That’s wrong.

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It’s simple delete your current listing and just set up the new one when you are ready. Your reviews and ratings will remain.

I unlisted the camper. I hope to someday host again. Happy thanksgiving and holidays to you all.


Both outstanding thoughts.

I’m sitting here nodding at the first thought. Then nodding even harder at the second thought!

“Bed / comfortable / whatever” - That is a lot of what-ifs. A good host will ensure that their future stay will be a winner.
Anyway, it’s all academic. I only presented a notion and the OP can decide what to do, if they re-open.

Snooze the listing. When you’re ready to reactivate, you will need to ‘Edit’ the listing details and photos to reflect new camper & location. You will not get bad karma from air - they’ll be happy to have you back.

Why would you do that? @AlanMelsky

Much better to set up a new listing as Airbnb gives those an artificial boost in the rankings for the first month or so.

Unless the new camper is just like the old one, no, it should be a new listing, or all the past reviews will be talking about a different place. This would be misleading to guests, and possibly problems for the host.

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