Questions guests are asked

Has anyone stayed in an Airbnb recently and have screen shots of the current questions guests are asked to answer either before or after they give their star rating?

Per Air these are the areas they are asked to rate:

  • Overall experience. How was it?
  • Cleanliness. Did the place meet our standards?
  • Accuracy. Was it accurately represented with up-to-date photos and info?
  • Check-in. Should be easy.
  • Communication. Did the Host respond to messages promptly?
  • Location. Was the guest made aware of safety, transportation, points of interest and special considerations like noise or other situations that might affect their stay?
  • Value. Was it worth the price?
  • Amenities. Was everything promised in the listing available and in good, working condition?

I’m not going to lie. This is the first time I personally have bothered to look at this and to see guests are given guidance on what Air means when they’re asked to rate Location. Shame on me! :flushed:

Good to know & glad to see I’ve covered those bases.

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I’m staying in an airbnb next weekend. I’ll screenshot the questions and post.

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Unfortunately we will always have some guests who ignore the definitions and rate by their own. They will have location complaints about things that we’ve mentioned and can’t change and missing amenities that were never promised.

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