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Proper insurance just doubled my rates


we have proper commercial insurance on our airbnb. we sleep upstairs and rent out the downstairs apartment to guests. we’ve had proper insurance with a $2m limit covering our entire home, including the apartment airbnb.

it’s time to renew and they’re doubling our rate, to $3k/yr. something about how hard a year they had, and how they’re eliminating coverage on older houses (over 100yr).

and i tried state farm, who said they cover vacation rentals, but they don’t. now i’m waiting for a quote from cbiz. i can’t find anybody else to cover us at all, continental usa.

does anybody know where i can get insurance?


what state are you in?


i’m in georgia, and just heard from cbiz, who say that since i’m in a triplex, 2/3 of the house has to be short-term rental. i am renovating the 2nd unit, but i can’t even pretend to have it listed yet.

should i go ahead and list it early, but block all the dates?


State Farm covered our in-law unit in IL. Erie Insurance also covers situations like yours but not available in GA.


State Farm covers ours, too. We’re in NC.


This company advertises on the site occasionally, but I don’t know anything about them:


Proper upped my rate also, but not by that much. Also you don’t get much a break from them for raising your deductible, which is annoying.
I wonder what kind of claim volume/type they’re experiencing? They are fairly new I believe, maybe they underpriced to get start up business.
Might be time to check that Bed & Breakfast insurer in my area to get comps.


the latest news. i can get a quote for lloyd’s of london insurance from both proper insurance and tapco insurance, for $2600-3000 per year depending on the agent. i can get state farm to cover me with a homeowner’s policy plus a bunch of extensions, for about the same price. and i can’t find anybody else. so it’s going to be a real issue as long-term rents in my area catch up to my airbnb bookings.

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