Possibly distressing and/or embarrassing guest feedback

Ok, so a recent guest has left a large “skidmark” of bodily waste on the sheet. Despite it being very obvious they didn’t mention it to me when they left - clearly too embarrassed. Do I say anything on the feedback? - and if so, how?

Yuck!!! Were they 5?!
I’m not sure I would mention it in the review, just give low stars for cleanliness and a thumbs down.
I would be going to the resolution centre for replacement sheets though, no way you should be expected to clean up after a grown adult who can’t wipe their ass



That happened to me about 4 yrs. ago. Well, not to me, personally, but the guests who rented my condo for a month.

The husband called and said the sheets “got soiled” and could they have another set. I said sure and sent the housecleaner over with a replacement. She told me later what the “soil” was and that it was a big splotch on the sheet and also went through the mattress pad but was stopped at the waterproof protector.

The couple were in their mid-60’s and were not there when the housecleaner was there - obviously embarrassed. I don’t know what their diet was but the sheet and mattress cover were permanently stained.

I didn’t give any feedback about it. I figured sh** happens. It only happened once in 7+ yrs., and that’s good enough for me.


I guess I have this accepting attitude about the impersonal yet weirdly intimate relationship innkeepers have had with their guests for literally centuries. For example, I just assume that anything sticky anywhere in the room, no matter how unlikely the location, is jizz, shrug, pull on my latex gloves, and start cleaning.


Given what you’ve said, I say no. If it were in concert with other cleanliness issues it might get mentioned as simply soiled sheets. As yucky as it is I’d replace the sheets and move on. If I were on the other side of this story I’d be offering payment for the sheets but I sure wouldn’t want to be talking about why.

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I’d mark them down on cleanliness stars, but wouldn’t really mention in review or feedback.

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I would mention it in the review only because they didn’t attempt to explain, make amends or apologize. That says more than the the crime of the actual skid mark, which is super gross and not something any of us want to deal with. However if the guests had come to you apologetic then I would be more forgiving.


Why do I have a visual of the guest running across the room, sliding on the bed and leaving a…


I will second this :poop::see_no_evil:. Wash at high temperature and move on!


I would knock them down 1 star for cleanliness, possibly 2 if it was super gross, and maybe send them private feedback. I had someone leave huge blood stains on my sheets recently, not lady blood, more like a huge shaving accident. They balled up the sheets when the left and shoved them in a corner. All the more for the stain to really set in. If I had done it, I would have left the sheets in the shower after rinsing with cold water, and messaged the host about it. But I am OCD. I have found that you have to just suck it up most of the time. I find skid marks on my dressing gowns pretty much once a week. Gloves out, mask on…

Anyone wonder if the guest had health issues like a colostomy bag or medication that can do evil things to you?


They did not say anything because it’s embarrassing.
I am sorry for detailes but when I was in Ireland I had a little leakage with my period . My host was a gay guy, the sweetest person ever. I did not know how to say it to his face and it was my last night before it happened , so I couldn’t even wash it. I left him 10$ For troubles. But aggain said nothing. Hope he understood. He left me a very good review without mentioning anything. I would be totally terrified if he publicly said anything.


O my god Sandy! I am laughing and crying :joy::joy::joy:


Am I the only one who finds the suggestions to not mention it very awkward?

Mention it in the review, don’t wash the sheets but throw them away, open a resolution center case and collect the money for the sheets.

My cleaning staff will be very thankful to you for mentioning it (because with such a review, this guest will never be able to book my apartments). And your next guest will - unknowingly - be very thankful to you to sleep in a nice and clean bed.

It “it” had happened by accident, a normal guest would have thrown the sheets away by himself and would have asked the host what he owes, together with an excuse.

How could you possibly tell this and what kind of major ‘shaving’ accident could someone have- in a bed???

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Well , it’s just your opinion… about normality and all.
It was an accident… and people do get embarrassed by accidents.


I wouldn’t put it in their review but I’d send it to them privately. Just be honest. I noticed when you left the sheets were very soiled. I wish I had known because it would’ve been easier for me to clean them.

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This is why it’s so important for people to communicate. Your expectation for how someone would handle this is worlds away from how I would want them to. I’d be really upset if someone just threw away good sheets. There’s very few things I’ haven’t been able to remove with vinegar, baking soda, and a sanitizing wash with bleach.

But I’m probably closer to dpfromva in my perspective. As sophisticated as we’ve gotten, we’re still just animals with all the weird fluids and discharges that go along with it. These dumb meat sacks don’t always behave the way we’d like, especially as we get older.

I’d mention the lack of notice in private feedback, mark down on cleanliness stars, wash or replace the sheets and move on.


I’m sensing a certain degree of mysophobia.
Pillorying people for having had an accident and not knowing how to handle the situation according to your, quite quirky, rulebook is just… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. Unless my guest would have had a big scatparty with their name smeared on the wall, I would never mention it in the review (public or private) and I wouldn’t even mark them down on cleanliness.
On a similar note: Do you know that some parents are again using reusable diapers for their babies, because it’s way better for the environment? Yes, just imagine :wink:. These babies won’t be any unhealthier than other babies, on the contrary !

The sheets will be clean again, if one just washes them. Unless the stains don’t come out, throwing them away is just a big waste.


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