Obese, smelly man broke my bed!

Good lord…a 31 year old, DRUNK guest checks in, I show him and his dink cousin to the room, he PLOPS down onto my trundle bed and BAM! it collapses to the ground and bends the frame. His cousin laughs and laughs and says “Didn’t he tell you he weighs 400 pounds?”. Uh no he did not. Once we examine and see the bent, unfixable damage, the heavy man says “Maybe it was like that!”. WHAT??? It was in its upright position just fine when your cousin sat on it first and when you plopped your smelly azz down, I SAW IT with my own eyes break.

F(*&Ing dink head man. He smelled so bad - alcohol and cologne. The room today smells like bad BO. Ihad to air it out, Oh yeah, they went out right after check in and returned at 11am NEXT MORNING (today). Said they’d drank so much they slept in their car. Oh joy!

Airbnb customer service said to open a resolution claim AFTER they leave Monday. I have only a $100 deposit. The mattress is now on the floor. What a mess. Anyone know if airbnb requires I buy a new frame before they pay me. I have pics of the damage. This bed is my money maker. I cannot afford to be without it. Unless future guests want to sleep on a mattress on a wood floor. Smh

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You have the photographs so that’s good. You can either buy a new bed now (as you’ll need it for future guests) and send a copy of the receipt to Airbnb or send them a link to where an identical bed can be bought online. So no, you may not need to buy one first. But as you’ll need it for the next guests, you might choose to do so.

By the way, it might be an idea not to mention the BO or other issues. Just be factual and businesslike with Airbnb :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Jaquo, good advice. I left out the part when the heavy guy hit on me big time. Despite his being exactly 20 years younger and a whole lot stupider than I. :heart_eyes:

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Goodness! I’ve never had that from a guest — mind you, I’m older than you :wink:

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What a nightmare! Sorry this happened, I hope Res Center reimburses completely!

I hope AirBnb nails him, for being such an embarrassment to the human race.


A guest broke MY bed too… I sent photos to Airbnb resolution centre. Along with a link to a local company selling the identical bed. I got a run-around from Airbnb and told I had to report the incident to the police… who have better things to do than look at broken beds… so I never received the $300 I claimed…

What size bed is this?

In a perfect world, you would get a claim payout for the damage.

In the real world, he could probably sue you for injuries, weeks of physical therapy, and emotional distress.

Was he both drunk and stupid or only drunk? Was he assumed to be stupid immediately due to his heft?

I had the guest leave. He and his disgusting cousin returned home again last night drunk and passed out fully clothed in their room. At 1am I hear their cell phone blast some stupid song. Over and over again. The wouldn wake up when I knocked on the door to tell them to turn it off. So I banged…I BANGED hard. No answer. I open the door, they’re both snoring like a lawn mower. I turned on the lights and they didn’t move an inch. It smelled like poo. I found the phone and turned it off. And hour later, more noise. They woke up and moved stuff around. This morning I found one the their shoes in my personal office. I think they were so drunk they didnt know what room was theirs.

I called airbnb, complained and said I wanted them out. They began the process but I wrote the guest an email and said their reservation was terminating early and he needed to return to get his things. To my great surprise, he said ok, came back, got his things (minus those shoes and a shirt) and left. I am to be paid for his last night he didn’t use. I just opened a claim with the resolution center for $150 or the damaged frame. And posted a link to a Sear’s trundle bed which shows the replacement frame. I have a $100 deposit on his booking so hopefully at least I will get that amount.

He was deemed to be stupid because he didn’t give a snot about his fellow human being or my property. Why would you ASSume I meant the size of his heft? Please…

What the heck is ‘heft’?


Shockingly, the guest has rejected my request for reimbursement. So now the company is involved and will adjudicate a decision. I shall wait and see and be as serene as a pea. :blush:

I have a guest arriving today for 21 days that will pay me a handsome ransom. Thus, I am content.


@LadyChristina you shouldn’t be shocked he rejected it with his already poor attitude. I hope airbnb will approve your claim, please keep us updated!

Not shocked at all. That was a joke. I will wait for the process to do what it’s supposed to do. I am documenting it here for any future host who may need this info.


No response from air yet, I am patient. I am booked for this month and doing well. I will be the grasshopper who waits in patience.


Keep as informed of the outcome

Waow, I wouldn’t remain calm after that dink Cousin’s laughs. Hope you solve the issue with the Airbnb as soon as possible

New House Rule: “guests must weigh 250 pounds and under.”


What a cruel, mean spirited comment.