New to the forum and happy to be here

Hey everyone,

My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a 30’ sailboat which we intend on using as an AirBnb as well. We are new to this sort of business and would greatly appreciate some advice on getting started. Thank you all for the help!

Welcome to the forum!, browse around, read all you can and don’t be shy to ask questions.


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Welcome to the Forum, and to the world of hosting.

As @RiverRock suggested check out the board, there’s a lot on here to pick up on. If there is Something Specific (i.e ABNB Boat) just use the search function above (see arrow on attached pic to locate it).

You will have some unique aspects to yours, since it is a boat. My initial recommendation is to validate that where ever you are docking your boat (if not your own dock) allows for STR. Review their equivalent of HOA rules.

Some topics to get your started.


FIRST THING you need to do is make sure that the marina where you dock will allow such a things as an Airbnb sub-let – whether the boat is a Dock Queen or you will allow the guests to take her out. Here in Florida, many marinas do not permit non-owners to liveaboard – it’s a liability issue with lubbers not knowing how maritime things work, fouling waters with sewage and trash, etc. Plus marinas just don’t want owners running businesses out of their hulls.

Realize, of course that you cannot take AirBnb guests out on day cruises (they are paying guests in the eyes of the CG) – unless you have your USCG “Six Pack” license or other nationality equivalent if you’re not American.


Thank you Ken! There is an Airbnb at the marina my boat will be and there are others who live aboard.

I cannot imagine the type of insurance policy you would have to have if you allowed hosts to take your boat off the dock haha.

I don’t have my captains six pack license yet so I will not be taking anyone on any sailing excursions. This is some excellent advice though!

Seeing another Airbnb boat in the marina is not the same thing as checking the permissions yourself.

There are a shitload of illegal Airbnb’s. At least do your own due dilligence so you know what the fines or repercussions are. “But he did it” isn’t going to get you out of paying fines (up to $500/day in my 'hood)


Welcome @Johnson30! I’m excited and interested to know about your boat. It sounds like a dream vacation to me and I hope you’ll have loads of success. You’ll get lots of great advice here :slight_smile:


I will certainly be looking into the STR rules for this marina. Thank you for posting those discussions. I will be doing some reviewing

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This is true. I will have to discuss it with the marina owner

Glad to see you here dude. Enjoy this great community.

We have a Hunter 34 that I wish was an Islander 36. What kind of sailboat do you have? We are berthed in Ventura West, Where are you? Welcome to Airhostsforum<><> OH is it a Johnson 30??

Hi! I’m new to the group and saw this and think that is awesome–can you please share the link when it is live?? I’d love to see it! Good luck hosting