New Sharing settings: Listing and booking details vs Booking details

Can someone explain where I can view these results?
This option is found under Pricing tab, when editing a listing.

I don’t see these options at all. Nothing called Sharing under Pricing. Must one be using Smart Pricing to see it?

Haven’t seen it either. Maybe they are beta testing?

Probably best to give Airbnb a call @AHF

Nope, not got it either (mainland Spain).


Probably a beta test.

It seems they want drive up the competition between hosts, by exploiting the hosts curiosity.

„Give up some privacy and see what competitor got the booking, so we can push you again to lower your price“

More likely they give limited access to certain tools, get hosts hooked on them and then charge for them. Why should smartbnb, wheelhouse, beyond pricing, et al make the money when Airbnb could be making it.

I see this setting on my listing. It’s under pricing, between Extra charges and Currency.

No idea how to see the data, though.

Yes, I have it and the default setting, booking details was selected. If I select none then I get none but neither do my “competitors,” I guess.

Also, I do not use Smart Pricing and this feature is not labeled Beta. Maybe it’s because I have multiple listings? I guess I could called AirBNB to check with them. I was really just curious to what others experience with it, is like.

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I don’t have multiple listings but I have the setting.

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Ok, Thanks, I wasn’t sure if multiple listings was the reason for seeing it. I must admit, the service description does sound tempting,

Here’s what I see if I click EDIT:

Seems like they should have one more possibility of Listing details.

VRBO/HA already does this. They send us a “You won a booking” or “You lost a booking” and information about the other property(ies). We don’t get the actual booked price, but we get to view the competitor(s). If we lost, they also tell us whether the guest just viewed our listing or inquired with us. But they limit it to our “competitive set” - a group of properties we define that are within our market.

I actually found it most useful at the beginning when they didn’t limit it to our market (St Lucia). I realized that we are in competition with other Caribbean islands almost more than in competition with the other houses in our neighborhood.