Update your sharing settings?

I just received this email from Airbnb suggesting:

Update your sharing settings so you can get the photos, reviews, and locations of the places that guests book after clicking on your listing. In return, other hosts will get the same details from you.

The Get Started button takes me to my listings screen. Any thoughts on how this all works folks?

a No from me - I have not desire for a host is the same area to have that sort of info on my listings. Especially as Air is only 25% of my bookings.


It’s under the Pricing tab of your Listing. Here’s a couple of somewhat recent threads:

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Maybe no one else has selected the “share” option. I don’t think I will.

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The default is to share “booking details”, which tells other hosts the price, date, and the number of guests, but it doesn’t tell other hosts the specific listing. I’m going to set mine to “listing and booking details” just to see what happens. Supposedly, this will show other hosts your listing when a guest looks at their listing and ultimately books yours, but only if they share the same information. My guess is it will end up being useless, but who knows.

Thank you Brian. When I went in there just now I noticed that the default allows some sharing of my bookings. I’ve actually decided to share none and selected that option.

There are 19 entire home in my town, 4 of the 19 are mine. In most cases it is like looking at apples and oranges and only one is the same price point. Mine are also the dearest and the cheapest…

Good info, thanks for sharing. I just changed my settings to none being shared. I don’t care where someone chose to go instead of my place. I’m not going to change anything about my house or pricing so it is irrelevant information.

Live and let live and all that … :wink: And hey, if the house is empty, then maybe MY family can go! :heart:

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Does anyone know how to edit this? I can’t find any info on how to edit these Host sharing settings