New here, is there a UK forum?

Airbnb is something I am looking into as my kids have left me alone in a big house. As this group seems mainly to be USA hosts I am wondering if there is a UK based one, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Liz,

I’m not sure but you might find a UK group on Facebook. However, there are quite a few UK hosts here so don’t despair! Then there are some of us who host in other countries but are originally from the UK.

I’d guess that the majority of hosts here are from the USA but there are hosts from all over the world. You’ll be sure to learn a lot here :slight_smile:

Cornwall, UK host reporting for duty…


This is an international forum so not mainly U.S. hosts - plenty of us from around the world including the UK.I’m from the west country.

There are few UK host groups on FB.

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Great, thanks. Geddy3 I was born in Penzance but am now in Wales.
I hadn’t thought of looking on fb but will go have a nosey x

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Which part of Cornwall are you in @Geddy3

North East of England here Liz :blush:

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@Geddy3 Are you a Tre, a Pol, or a Pen???

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Liz, welcome. Joan in Kent, reporting late for the party…


Hampshire, UK. Happy to help :ok_hand:

Ha! None of the above actually. :smile: My ancestors are Scottish and Irish (so Celtic at least) but more recent generations are from London. I was born and raised here in Cornwall though. Or “Kernow” to give the place its Cornish name.

Not far from Perranporth

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Hi Liz; Mac & Carol in Lancaster here - hosts for 20 months, 60 guests, having a great time! Also starting to stay at AirBnB places ourselves - four nights in Truro next weekend.

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I’m in Australia :australia: and my son’s currently in Wales helping his Dad out at his run down mansion in Wales :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 on Airbnb too. Sadly, I’m not in a mansion :wink: but I do have better weather :sun_with_face:

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I think :thinking: Joan of Kent would sound more prestigious and regal for you Joan


Oh no you don’t @Emily we have had over a month of glorious sunshine and 27 - 32C temperatures here in the west of Blighty :slight_smile:


How lovely. Do you have a whole listing?

Always looking for lovely places to stay in Cornwall.

I know I know I’ve heard all about it, it’s actually freezing here at the moment but I’m told the Welsh winters are nasty :mask:

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I think it depends what part of Wales they are in. The North and mid Wales can get snow storms, the south of Wales (just across the border from us here in the West Country) is normally pretty mild.

@Emily if they are listing on Airbnb and want any advice happy for you to contact me via PM.

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London host here! Happy to help with anything.