Need an advice on how to make room look not so terrible

Dear friend can you advice how to make this room look not so terrible without serious renovations

By the way it used to look like this

A rug at the end of the bed. If you’re not intending to repaint the red to a neutral colour, then possible a light beige or white quilt/Doona cover. And some extra pillows and then some scatter cushions for decoration would be a start

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thank you, actually it is a beige quilt but because room is dark is just looks dirty

No problem! I’m sure others might have more interesting ideas lol …

Set the pillows so they’re standing up rather than lying flat

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Ouch! The pink hurts.

I would repaint the red wall because it clashes with your floor tiles. Either white or the lightest colour in the tiles.

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Could you change the location of the mirror to opposite the windows. At the moment it is emphasizing the narrowness of the room. It would also help to bounce more light around.
Have you thought about painting the floor tiles. Bigger, plusher linen, more pillows. I found really nice ones at my local charity shop. The stuff in the corner (is it a safe) is a bit off putting. Could you take a picture of the bed and the safe separately. In the before picture the room looks much bigger too.


if that’s a fluorescent tube, maybe change that for something cosier, with a nice shade. Add a picture on the wall maybe.
A darker red for the wall may have worked, then you could have added some similar colour accessories, but would it be possible to repaint that red, and make the white walls warmer/neutral.


@Barns YES! These colors would make a huge difference, along with a rug, lamp and some art on the walls.

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Thank you, Did you ever had experience with painting floor tiles? You cant see on the photo but actually wall facing windows is not a straight one - is bended and have the entrance door

I throwed away old TV and Wardrobe as guests dont use it anyway, used to be like this:

Thank you, i actually intend it to be maroon but after i painted it on its became Chinese new year red. I am not sure how to choose the right color again.
Is a led light warm-white color - not a daylight, any suggestion what to do with it? I dont mind changing but as you can see the ceiling is only 2.2 meters high

I’m sure you can take it from here matey! Good luck, get down to Ikea, I think I furnished a 3 bed house for £34


I just did a youtube search and quite a few different videos came up. Good luck.

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I don’t know what country you’re in so I don’t know if my suggestions will make economic sense. Where are most of your guests from? If I am an American in Romania I’d like a room that was consistent with the decor of that nation, not a cookie cutter hotel room look. So, I like the floor, just get things that coordinate with it.

In addition to the light over the bed perhaps some lights that mount on the wall on each side of the bed or clamp onto the bedframe; you clearly don’t have much floor space. I would replace that ceiling fixture with a track light that individual lights that can be aimed in different directions.

Some sort of artwork for the walls. You took out the furniture so now there is no place to hang clothes? Perhaps some hooks on the walls somewhere to at least hang a coat? Some narrow shelves along the wall for a place to set down a drink or eyeglasses. If you get another TV it needs to be wall mounted on wall at an angle.


Thank you, yes i am thinking local experience is in priority to sell


Matching Floor to Ceiling Drapes around the room - floor to ceiling Curtains , including covering the windows top to bottom, and cover the red wall, to soften and unify the room. Move the mirror to the other side for dressing. Hang a picture / painting on chains from the ceiling in front of Drapes behind/over the bed. Add a Wool Area rug halfway under the bed and coming forward and coordinating with the new fabric drapes/curtains.


Straighten the mirror over the bed! Tasteful artwork on the walls. Throw rug or rugs on the floor.

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I wouldn’t change the floor. It’s unique, and even if it doesn’t fit everyone’s taste, you can make that an advantage.

If you can’t repaint the red wall, just embrace it.

Then you could go with a red / gold / white color scheme for the rest of the room. See if you can use those colors for the curtains and bed.

Put the mirror across from the window as others have suggested. Local art would be nice. A rug at the foot of the bed and next to the bed would look good and feel good on feet early in the morning.

Some house plants are always nice.

Post more photos so we can see your progress! :slight_smile:


Since the space is long and narrow you need to visually counteract this:

  • Do not put the mirror above the bed, it only makes the room look even longer. Put it vertically opposite of the window.
  • I would put some horizontal stripes behind the bed that continue on the right wall until the beam. This is to visually widen the room, and zone the space where the bed is.
  • The column and beam are not really nice, but turn them into a feature, by putting a (toned down) color on them.
  • Move the bed to the right. The space you now have behind the column doesn’t serve anything. If you move the bed to the right, at least you will have some extra space left of the bed to put a nightstand.
  • The curtains are too short, put in longer curtains.
  • Keep the floor and work with the colors.
  • Put in a rug to visually widen the room.
  • Hang a clothing rod to hang some clothes, on the short queer wall. With some shelves beneath. See photo. The closet you have is too imposing / big for the space. Possibly make one low piece of furniture, to store some clothes and put the TV on.

Badly photoshopped, it could look something like this… (Adjust colors to floor!)


Nice @Guthend! I would add that what they first see when walking in the door is important! So think of that space and maybe put up a floating shelf (for keys whatever) and some nice artwork or something that feels like you’ve arrived home. The light and airy design Guthend showed in his photos is the goal – the dresser I saw seemed a bit heavy for the room, but the room could be bigger than it looks. I also liked the suggestion to put in a plant…something living always helps, even if it’s just a small plant on the shelf when you come in.