Mysterious pink stains

This has happened to us at least three times and I can’t figure it out. We are getting mysterious faint light pink stains on the sheets. First one where from Chinese guests and we thought that maybe was the Calamine lotion we gave them for mosquito bites. Second were Brazilian guests that were runners that also left a bad tiger balm smell, and lastly were our honeymooner guests.

All three guests didn’t have pink hair and IF it was hair color I would only expect it on the pillow cases not over the sheets. I would love to know what is it that is staining my sheets with this faint pink color. I have learned to wash in cold water for these stains to not set them in.

Any other hosts have this problem?

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Nope, I’ve recently bought new fitted sheets, had about 8 guests use them and they are still like new. Hopefully they stay like it for a long time. :slight_smile:

No clue to what it could be. Some kind of make up maybe? Or they have funky looking semen. Haha

Watermelon or chilli sauce

No these stains almost covers a section of the sheets, like what you would expect if someone lathered themselves in body lotion.

Why don’t you message the guests and ask them? In a nice way, I just want to know so I can remove the stains.

My first thought was that it was some by-product of fake tan (spray tans). The crazy thing is that I once had the same with very light blue stains. Is there some funky food that makes sweat coloured???

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Ha, I was intrigued so googled:

_Sweat that is colored red, blue, green or even black would be pretty startling. Chromhidrosis is the medical term to describe this rare condition where a person secretes colored swea_t.


Ha! maybe this is it colored sweat!

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Dare I ask…have you given it the sniff test? Does it trigger anything in your memory banks? Uh, how far down the bed are the stains? (eep!)

Are the stains usually on one side of the bed, correlating to one person’s body as opposed to both? (hmmm, this may be a case for Forensic Files.)

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It is usually only on one side of the bed and no it doesn’t smell it is so faint that you’d think your eyes are playing tricks on you but they are there. My hubby has a theory that it might be spermicide if even folks are still doing that but then the stain would be much smaller. It does com out if it is not set, just is bugging me to no end of what it is. On the fourth guest that ths happens to be I will surely ask.

@Carmen - weird, my pale blue stains were the same. No smell and very faint. They came out easily in the wash too. But as far as the investigation is concerned I’m trying to remember which guests it was and I can’t.

This happens to me too, I have white sheets and occasionally get pink splotches, It might be from mixing colors in the wash or a weird reaction to the bleach?
I’m not sure either but you’re not alone.

Did u ever found out??? I have the same problem…

  1. Its cleaned to immaculate white once before (because it only happened the 2nd time yesterday)
  2. It only happens on the side of the bed where I cover with bed cover - the part that is exposed to some light coming into the room does not seem to have it (suspecting a type of mold?)
  3. It happens again only if nobody is using it (this is my personal house, no rentals) I’m guessing it has something to do with me covering it with a bed cover when not using

I recently bought Biore sunscreen from Japan (I live in the USA) and my white pillowcase turned pink when I washed it. I think it is the sunscreen. It has a different ingredient than available in the USA. I havenet changed anything else, and think this is what caused it. It only showed up on my pillow.


I’ve just come across the post about the mysterious pink staining, I have a fairly new washing machine and I never ever put colours with white, and I clean my washing machine every 4 weeks with a washing machine cleaner recommended from the company I bought it from, but my white washing never comes out gleaming white, and I’ve noticed after a few washes there is always a slight pink tinge on them, I’ve bleached them but it won’t come out, I’m fed up with throwing good bras away because I can’t get thetm glow white again. I’ve noticed also when I’ve been away and my daughter hasn’t cleaned the bathroom properly there is a slight tinge of pink around the taps, so I’m presuming the water has a pink chemical or something in it, I can get it off my taps but can’t get it out of my clothes, I’ve used bleach, whitener for clothes, bicarbonate of soda, and also white vinager, I’m stuck with what else to do, any ideas anyone plz :grin:

The pink color is mold.

Pink mold (or pink mildew) found in your bathrooms is actually a bacteria. Assuming the pink stains are actually coming from the washing machine, it’s possible that you have “pink mold” growing in it because it can stain clothes. And if that’s the case, I would bet it’s a front-loader as specific models are notorious for always staying wet and dirty inside and growing mold, mildew, and bacteria. Frequent use of chlorine bleach will help keep it in check. Non-chlorine bleach, color-safe bleach, etc. won’t do anything. A service tech could probably disassemble and clean it, but it would be costly.

Hi, what would the mold be from, it’s a Yr old washing machine and the bras are 3 weeks old, how would I find the mold and how would I get rid of it, any ideas would be grateful :grin:

Just read the rest of your message, I’ll throw some bleach it it now, I’m always bleaching my bathroom but if it’s been left for 2 weeks while I’m in hospital is turns pink round the taps and on the white grout, I’ll keep it the pressure on my kids to keep on top of it,
Thanks for your reply :blush:

I have a front load machine and it has a cleaning cycle. Otherwise I’d run bleach and hot water. I get more of a brownish pink tinge on things sometimes from my very hard water. You might get your water tested too. Occasionally someone neglects to take the wet wash out overnight and the whole machine smells bad so I wash that load again and run a cleaning cycle.