Multiple listings calendar

Why has Airbnb taken away the option of viewing the multiple listings calendar??
(Hoping its just a slight glitch…)
Can anyone confirm if this is a permanent fixture?

I still have the multiple listings page:
and the multicalendar page
not sure to which you are referring, but I still have both.

Yes i still have these as an option but when clicking on view multi calendar it takes me directly to a single calendar not multi

I can see what you mean.
I click on “calendar”, and the link is this…
Then before it resolves, it immediately redirects me to
since I have multiple listings.
Do you still have enough listings to have the muliti-calendar features? I just know I have enough to make the multi show - I don’t know the # you need to make it show.

Are you using Chrome browsers & the full website? The app will not show a true multi-listing calendar.

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Good point @Annet3176. The multicalendar feature doesn’t exist on the app. I use firefox, chrome, opera, and edge browsers successfully on my desktop with the multi-calendar.

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yes, Im using this on my desk top

yes Im using the full website, it was working perfectly 2 days ago but since yesterday it no longer works, just keeps directing me to single use calendar and i have multiple listings…

Yes i have multiple listings and was working perfectly fine until 2 days ago…Now it just keeps directing me to a single use calendar every time i click on multi view

Why don’t you give Airbnb a call @Goolawah and ask them? Probably the quickest way for you to find out if this is a technical glitch.

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I used to use multicalendar all the time. Now it has gone. I called AirBnB Superhost support line. Rather unhelpful. Why was it removed? What could they recommend instead? Nothing helpful came of the conversation.

I’m interested to know if there are better solutions available from free 3rd party tools or if there is a suitable workaround.

How long has yours not beef working?
I also contacted Airbnb and they informed me that it’s an issue they are aware of and trying to fix and was assured it would be resolved.
They were unable to give me a time frame.
I’m really hoping it’s a quick fix as I rely heavily on the multi calendar.
I also would like to know of any 3rd party calendar systems that I could use.

Another complaint about this issue. I closed the new thread and am reposting here

The loss of the multicalendar was a real blow. We have 4 listings on airbnb and also list on two other booking sites, but I always used airbnb as my master calendar for all bookings from all sites, precisely because the multicalendar was so useful!

Now, I’ll have to find an alternative. Does anyone know of a stand-alone “multi-calendar” type application that can be automatically updated from multiple booking sites?

P.S. I guess it did have one benefit - it made me search for answers, and so I found this forum!


@jumoe you posted a couple of years ago about having problems with this. How long did it take them then to set it right?


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I’m in the same boat as yourself, I also used Airbnb multi calendar as my main portal as it was so easy to use and I could see all 4 of my properties.
If you hear of another calendar system I would love to know about it.
I’m also a first time visitor and poster to the forum thanks to the missing calendar.
I really do hope it’s just a glitch and it’s fixed quickly, I’ve spoken with Airbnb on a number of occasions and am not getting much of an answer other than they are aware of the issue and trying to resolve the issue.
I don’t understand why some of us have the issue while others don’t…

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It just came back I believe. It was gone for awhile, and it was tough, but eventually I was able to use it again. I think the troubles that time was it was just way to heavy for my browser to load it. This was when it changed over from the old format to the new more “gui” format. (gui - graphical user interface)

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How long did you loose the multi calendar for and what did you use in the interim?
I’m trying to find something to use as an alternative.