Multi calendar view gone as of 10/27/18- just gone!

AIRBNB once again removing/altering our most powerful Tools- now the MULTICALENDAR TOOL HAS DISAPPEARED. We were using the site and literally it disappeared early morning 10/27/18. We have called, messaged thru HELP center, and reported BUG and PRODUCT FEEDBACK. Not a word- no response ever- as if we do not exist. Finally after 8 calls and after repeating same story over and over- no one keeps notes and no accountability- someone said-

  1. they are working hard to fix this
  2. that TOOL is only for HOSTS who have 6 or more LISTINGS!
  3. back to “they are working on this”
    Inconsistent, inaccurate info as usual
    We are stunned that AIRBNB does these types of behaviors without any notification to HOSTS no surveys, and they obviously dont send tech alerts when making huge changes to site and HOST TOOLS. The website is worse and worse and at the same time they removed MULTIVIEWCALENDAR they added a silly useless BANNER at bottom of our calendars- SO SO annoying. the APP Is a joke- crashes SO much we gave it up 2 yrs ago - even those who HOST us dont use it- we have heard this all over the country.
    Can you imagine a 30 billion dollar company that cannot even run a website AND that is all it is- a website and a team of dispute resolution $12 an hour CS reps!
    We laugh- we can just see ASHTON KUCHER AND CHESNEY sitting around Board table making silly ridiculous totally out of touch with HOSTS ideas and recommendations for this silly useless site. We are 49% of this operation and feel treated like s___! AND- its getting worse by the day.

Someone posted about this already. Please post on that thread.