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Most Lost and Found items

What is the most left behind items from your guests? Mine are shoes, phone chargers and UNDERWEAR!!! :scream:

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Wow. Underwear? Puke.

Eggs and beer! I don’t mind the barley pops. :grin:

Phone chargers

Just had a guest leave a hair straightener and a make-up brush. That is not typical. Most items are beachwear; bathing suits, flip-flops, goggles - stuff like that.

phone chargers. I have usb plugging ports on all my lamps and folks forget that the cord is theirs. I keep a basket of the cords left for people to use.

Phone chargers, diaries/journals, hats.

Phone chargers, toiletries, and socks. Before international travelers stopped - electric converters. We get a few calls or texts a year from people who have lost something but we don’t find it here.

Toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, hairspray.

Phone chargers, t shirts, shoes and undies.

Water bottles, t-shirts, toques, hairpins.

Couple years ago I stayed in the condo immediately after the guest checked out. I found a several days worth of young men’s clothing on the smaller bed

I texted the renter, she said give them away. While the family went to beach one last time, she did a couple loads of laundry.

The clothes belonged to her 16 year old son. She placed the clean clothes on the bed & told her son he needed to pack them. His response, “I’m busy. You washed them. You pack them.” Mom, “pack your clothes “ He didn’t.

She was waiting for him to check his luggage. Apparently the left behind clothes included a couple of his favorite pieces.



Plenty of adults just like that. I offer the divorce rate as evidence.


I can’t imagine ever saying that to my mom. She was the kindest, caring-est, toughest bird ever. She did not survive 35 years as a high school teacher then guidance counselor without knowing how to correct the behavior of teenagers. “The look” from her made my life flash before my eyes.

Sadly you are correct. Boys watch & learn early from their Dads how to treat their mothers. A former coworker’s husband was a generally disrespectful jackass. Their 5 year old son spoke to his mom the way his Dad did.

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I used to gather up all my daughters’ clothing and possessions that were scattered around the living room and kitchen and put them on the stairs- they were to take the piles up to their rooms. I was even nice enough to separate it- each kid’s stuff on a different step.

Once, after reminding them several times, as they just walked up the stairs ignoring the piles, I gathered it all up, put it in a garbage bag, hid it in the shed, and when they asked where their X was, I told them I had taken all the ignored piles to the second hand store. They were shocked and upset and I let them think their stuff was gone for a week, then gave it back and told them next time it wouldn’t be a bluff.


Makeup stains on the towels?


Socks, undies, chargers, jewelry, toiletries. I only contact them about the jewelry.

Mostly useful things they didn’t feel like packing. Sunhats, umbrellas, beach towels. Useful things to offer to future guests or use myself.

As far as things left in error, just a couple of tee shirts. My guest space is compact, not a lot of places to space things out without noticing.

I don’t consider toiletry items to be things left behind. If they are just dregs, they are garbage, if they still have a lot of product left, I figure they just didn’t want to pack it and have a basket of these leavings for future guests to avail themselves of if they choose.

A guest from New Zealand (I’m in California) left a set of lacy underthings. I had already tossed them when, 3 days later, she messaged me a d just HAD to have them back. :unamused:.

Fortunately that trash bag was mostly paper items…


My #1 by far was food and beverages. Others items include toiletries, socks (in the bedding), jewelry (in the bedding), phone chargers, and paperback books, but everything else combined doesn’t even come close to food and beverages.

Of the 2 tee shirts that were left by accident, I messaged the guests to see if they wanted them back. One said no, one said she’d appreciate it. I was able to give it to the following guest to pop in the mail, all packed up and addressed, along with a few bucks for postage (tiny package), as they both were from the US and it would have cost a lot to mail from here in Mexico. I paid the postage myself, as the guest had stayed for a week. Seemed niggly to ask her for a couple of bucks.

I think I’d be embarrassed to ask a host to send back underwear.

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