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Low ratings for location?

This is my listing: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13391480

2 of my recent reviews have left 3 or 4 stars for location. Every other review is 5 stars in every category. Both said it would be nice if my house were closer to the city. The title of the listing says that it’s 15 minutes from Downtown, which is an accurate measurement, even with traffic. My description lists driving distances to various spots in the area and overall I think I make it very clear that I am not in the center of the city. One of the private feedbacks said that they were disappointed that they were unable to walk to the city. Is this just another case of unreasonable guest expectations and guests not actually reading the listing? Or is there something I can change in my listing that might make it even clearer than it already is? I’ve only been hosting for a month now, so I’m just wondering if this comes with the territory or whether it’s my own fault.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Low location ratings are a common complaint. It may be unreasonable expectations, it may be guests just don’t understand the ratings system. Maybe chatting with the guests about how important those stars are, especially for new hosts will encourage others to leave higher ratings.

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Many people simply don’t read details about a listing.

Our listing is for a space on top of a mountain with no neighbors. We even have the word “Secluded” in the listing title. Once in a while we’ll get a guest complaining how remote it is or that the drive to get here was rough and on dirt roads. I list exactly how far things are from us. Occasionally I’ll see 3 stars for location which I’ll never understand.

Thankfully most people choose us because of our seclusion & privacy.


If I were you I would not include 15 Minutes from Downtown Providence in the title of your listing. I think that many people would think you meant 15 minutes walking distance. As many of your guests have said that they enjoyed how quiet your neighborhood is, maybe you could include that in the title of your listing.

That said; the location rating is the bane of many Airbnb hosts. I have been given four stars once for being too far from the beach and once from being too far from the hills.

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Welcome to my world…So unfair to get dinged for things you disclose clearly. Location stars have prevented my SH status, not that I’m heartbroken over that. :smiley:

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I think it’s probably unreasonable expectations. Before air bnb people used hotels which are usually in the very centre of a city with an understandably high price tag to match. Obviously with air bnb it’s a bit different. People don’t realise how huge some cities they are visiting are. I’ll use my home town of London as an example. London takes around 2hrs to cross East to west on the underground (by car don’t even try!) It is split into 6 zones. Zone 1 is where places like Oxford street, Big Ben & Buckingham palace are. Most of zone 1 consists of landmarks, shops & offices. Only a very small percentage of Londons 8.5 million people actually live there. Most decent air bnb entire apartments there are very pricey.

Zone 2 (where my place is located) consists of the closest to the centre main primarily residential districts. It is considered to be very central, zone 3 would also be considered quite central. We are only 18 minutes by tube to the very centre. Trust me when I say my zone is a commuters dream & people will pay through the nose to live here. Long term rentals in the area start at £1500 per month for small one bed apartments & go up to really silly money. House are often shared by 4 or 5 people to make it affordable (by London standards). However some visitors don’t realise how central they are & we have had a few 4 star reviews for location. Annoying as everything else we get 5 stars for. However people who stay at ours who have been to London before know exactly how well located we are & are delighted. I guess it just is what it is & it’s something that’s sadly out of your control.


Because she is not right across from Harrods she gets less stars. Oh brother!

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Ha indeed. I do feel like telling them an apartment the same standard of mine is 3 times the price near harrods. Btw harrods only 25 mins by tube from me very close by London standards.


YES … Dip sh_ts. How maddening.


Here’s a box of Kleenex for you…—>

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Harrods is overrated. :smile: They need to redo their carpet, it’s gotten a bit shopworn, but maybe that is from 20 million tourists clomping through it and most don’t buy anything. :smile:

I’ve been lucky because my friend has a mews home in Ennismore Mews. Hard to beat that location!

That’s a great location. I agree with you about harrods the ground floor & food courts are lovely but the rest isn’t great. Selfridges on Oxford street is better for proper shopping.


The only star rating that counts toward Superhost status is Overall Experience.


I thought cleanliness counted too, or is that just for business-ready listings?

I don’t know about Business-Ready listings. We are a private room, not an entire house/apartment and we have animals in residence so we don’t qualify.

Fortnum & Mason is vastly superior :slight_smile:

Call me pedestrian but a visit to Marx and Sparx is always on my London to-do list. :smiley:


Me too - the BEST place for knickers :slight_smile:

Dang you read my mind! Or did we have this discussion before?! I stock up on knickers when I go there. No one can beat them! They even had free delivery to the U.S. And it was like $5 US delivered, couldn’t believe it! :smiley: they have a US version but not the same selection for some reason.

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I think the rest of my life, when I hear the word location, I will forever think of kona. The two entities are now synonymous in my mind. :grin:

Seriously, that location category is a bear to get a grasp of. If there is one thing guests do have control in their choice is the location, meaning as to where exactly is the property they are renting. So how can they complain about where it turns out to be? :rolling_eyes:

Perhaps, not being too specific as to how far it is (i.e. 15 minutes) may be best not to say, maybe ‘a short distance’ etc may be better. If they ask more specifically, then perhaps be more exact. Just a thought.

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