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'LOCATION' as a part of the '5 star review process'

We generally get 5 stars in all categories. The few 4 stars we get are usually for ‘LOCATION’. Honestly, there is absolutely NOTHING hosts can do about their ‘LOCATION’. I thought it over & I realize that location is obviously important to everyone. BUT…guests get a fair idea of where they’re going to be staying BEFORE they press the ‘book button’. I sent Airbnb a note suggesting that making ‘LOCATION’ a part of the ‘review’ process is overall just plain unfair to hosts. I suggested either moving it to another part of the review process where hosts can’t be ‘dinged’ for it OR narrowing the circle on the map for guests to get a better idea of the area & where they’ll be staying while still keeping the exact address hidden until they book. HELPFUL ideas/thoughts are always appreciated. Cheers

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We can’t change our location but we can do our best to inform the guest about the location. I often encourage guests to review the location and listing details after they book. I note to them that they have 48 hours to cancel penalty free if something doesn’t work for them. It seems to have helped.

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Just do a search on the Airbnb communitiy forums and you’ll find everything you said has been said before many times going back several years.


They recently added an option so hosts can allow a more accurate pinpoint in the search results.

I don’t worry about the location category.

While it’s not something I can change (like I could a lower cleaning rating), it’s vital information for guests. I wish there’d been a location category for the Amsterdam hotel I visited; my room was directly above a nightclub bumping until the wee hours. The host can’t change that, but it informs my choices.

In terms of my standing, the “Overall Sat” score is the only thing that matters, and to a lesser degree, the other categories I can control. The value and location ratings get the occasional ding. So long as I see similar ratings with my competition, it’s not worth getting my panties in a bunch about it.

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I got a 4 star for location once. I consider it a reflection on the guest’s poor taste. :joy:

And yes as to @Brian_R170 's point, it would not hurt my feelings if there was a global ban on threads about location ratings and duvets. :rofl:



If you choose “specific location” then potential guests before booking - will see a very accurate “pin / house” - instead of a general circle.

Here is what my potential guests see before booking - a rather exact location. The only thing it doesn’t show is the actual house #:


Don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean you’re failing at anything. If you’ve clearly indicated what your property is best situated for, you’ve done your part. If that’s how guests feel about the location, it’s fair for them to let others know.

And if the host doesn’t mention that the home is under a flight path or next to an industrial area…?

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OMG, don’t even get me going on Location. It’s the biggest crock of shit Airbnb has on its platform.

I’ll say more…

One guest said, “I just wish that it hadn’t been so far from my final destination.” WFT?!?! Not our fault.

Another guest, “A bit away from Boston, but it’s a good place to stay near Fitchburg.” Well duh, we’re nowhere near Boston It’s 50 miles away.

Another, “It’s a bit off the beaten track.” Well compared to what his commute would have been, it’s a pretty good location, not to mention he drove by at least 4 hotels to and from our place each day.

What’s kind of funny about our “location,” is we’ve had guests from Boston and guests visiting Boston on the same time (we have 2 rooms). Obviously, neither had an issue with location, but it just goes to show how subjective the Location review process can be.


I prefer the generic circle. There are so few Airbnb hosts in my region, and there’s no need for locals creeping around my listing, so I opt for the circle. Plus, there’s absolutely no need for potential guests know exactly where we live even if they’re wondering how far we are from someplace. That’s probably the #1 question we can, and I use Google maps just like they can to figure it out. Plus, when you’re the only Airbnb host in the area, does it really matter?

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I wasn’t very helpful, but I wouldn’t sweat it too much. Unless there’s fierce competition with other hosts and/or hotels in your area, guests can figure it out on their one.

It’s easy for me to say because for a while, I was the only reputable Airbnb host in the area, and in many ways I still am. Without gloating too much, I’m an Airbnb pioneer in my city. There’s B&B and one hotel in my city, and they’re at least $155-$299/night. I’m as much as a 1/6 the price, so if you don’t mind driving an extra 5-10 minutes, stop complaining.

I also list pour proximity to major cities and attractions so there’s confusion:

Boston - 1.25 hours/60 miles
Fitchburg State University - by car: 5 minutes/2.1 miles; by foot: 30 minutes/1.6 miles
Greenfield, MA - 1.1 hours/51 miles
Harvard, MA - 30 minutes/18 miles
Harvard University - 1 hour/44 miles; via public transit: 2.5 hours
Keene, NH - 55 minutes/37 miles
Leominster State Forest - 20 minutes/8 miles
Leominster, MA - by car: 20 minutes/7 miles; by public trans: 1.33 hours
Wachusett Mountain Ski Area - 20 minutes/11 miles
Worcester - 40 minutes/30 miles

I made it point to distinguish between Havard, MA and Harvard University because that’s stumped a couple guests already. I omitted Cambridge just to be a tiny bit passive aggressive.

One set of guests thought we were close to Cape Cod. I don’t mention the distance because that location is completely irrelevant to our location. Luckily those guests gave us 5 stars across the board - offering the option to cancel for a full refund when they checked in a 5:00 pm might have helped because that’s when they realized they still had almost a 2-hour drive to the nearest seaside town. Massachusetts is bigger than it looks.


Well it’s up to you but this does open up guests to giving 4 instead of 5 for location - as they "have an excuse.

Of course we have had two 4s on our location regardless - cause guests can be that way.

A savvy guest can find your address if they want to anyway. Most guests probably don’t look at the map either way.

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Well, location ratings anyway. :rofl:

As I’ve written here a hundred or more times before, poor location ratings happen. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to contact Airbnb about. Nothing to whinge about. Nothing to get stressed about. Just relax and have a glass of wine.


Hazard of the trade I guess. Still dumb though because all my guests drive by at least 4 hotels and a B&B to get to my Airbnb.

We were on the front page of the local paper for being Airbnb hosts. It’s quite the novelty around here.

@Mark_Patterson You’re probably like the 30,000th host to tell Airbnb that they should scrap the Location rating.

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I really think that some guests - even if they looked at the map and know the location - rate whether or not you are in the BEST location in the area. eg. City Center would be a five star location, but a few miles outside of this would rate as a 4 star.

I think the problem is the actual search engine. I will have guests enter Providence- and they just pull up the list without looking at the map and click on mine. I’m 25 mins from there. Not sure if Airbnb does it on purpose or what but I’ve allowed several to cancel after booking a place they thought was in a very different location.

Yes, that’s a good point. I just looked up places in Boston, viewed a listing, and if you scroll down to Similar Homes, it suggests places in New York City. Airbnb doesn’t even pretend to know where you’re traveling to.

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