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Letting people in before check in time?


Don’t let them in if they won’t pay for the extra night. Can you call air again? Sometimes certain case managers aren’t very helpful.


No kidding. I have no intention of letting them in until I have confirmation they paid for tonight. The ball is totally in their court. They can cancel the reservation or accept the alteration – that’s it. After their call this morning I told them we would need to keep all communication on the platform. The case manager this morning was actually helpful and backed me up. I’ll call again in a minute.


Latest update: I called Airbnb to say I have had no word from them at all. This was a very weird one. My guess is that they found a cheaper midweek hotel and just went there. They have to get the key from me to check in, though, and I’ll be in touch with Airbnb as soon as I hear anything.


Ohhhhh !!! Its happening again.

You can DROP YOUR BAGS, but you cannot START COOKING A MEAL for your familiy before the apartment is ready. You cannot STAY in the living room ! You cannot TAKE A NAP !

Why is this so difficult to understand ??!!! It makes me crazy. The moment people walks in the door 5 hours before check in time they thing the apartment is theirs, altough very thouugly explaining they can DROP OFF THEIR BAGS and come back later. DROP OFF THEIR BAGS! Nothing more !!!§


I think you may have to stop offering this as a facility. How dreadful.


Okay, so Airbnb is going to have them cancel. They sent a message via the platform in the middle of the night threatening a terrible review if I don’t refund 100%. CS says they will not be able to review. I asked for a confirmation email to that effect in case their review somehow goes through anyway. Bye-bye! We’ll see if I get my 50%, but at this point I’m happy just to get rid of them. Airbnb said, “your calendar will stay blocked.” No problemo. . .


I thought extortion was against TOS and the extortionist would be removed?


Well, you never know what Airbnb is going to do. At this point, I just want their reservation cancelled and I don’t want to have to put up with them across the courtyard from me for the next 4 days! I’ll circle back and see if they are still on the platform in a day or so. I’m curious how this will play out.


If you flag their request for extortion and put the explanation in there, it will get right to Airbnb. As a service to your fellow hosts this is important


Lol! A bad review on what grounds? They wouldn’t pay so they weren’t let in. It’s their own fault.


Don’t worry - I’ve got it covered. I always review my guests honestly, and am more than happy to flag these stinkers as a warning to other hosts.


Believe it or not, guests who cancel on day of arrival are sometimes prompted to review. There are tons of cautionary tales about this on the forums. I know it’s a little confusing, but it’s happened to many hosts I’m acquainted with.


It’s happened to us before too. They threatened us too by sending a screenshot of the review prompt and saying ‘I haven’t seen that credit yet…’


I’ve been thinking about doing this too. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests and I often have an entire week of 1 night stays. Do you ever get any takers?


No takers yet, but I only just started with last two guests

I also started offering “shoulder nights” the day before and after a reservation at 50% off, I send email a week before they come. I’ve had a taker on that and it’s just extra money likely would not have been booked and no more laundry or cleaning.


Delivered by carrier pigeon


That is an excellent idea. I’ve sometimes had guests ask for an additional night and if were not having one of our hectic back-to-back times I’m delighted to do it. What a good idea to actively put the idea into the guests’ mind.


Our checkout is 11 am and check in is 4pm so we have time to clean (whole house rental).

I would say more than half of our guests request earlier check in. If we can accommodate them we allow it; otherwise it’s “nope.” Sometimes we give people recommendations on what they could do until 4 in the area; other times we just explain that we need those 5 hours to fit the cleaning crew in and get the house ready.

TL/DR: yes if possible, no otherwise.


I would ask him to leave until I had cleaned. Bloody cheek. He’d better not ding you for that. You have to make the situation clear somehow.


I am glad that Air, at least, isn’t giving you any trouble with this.

I have a reservation starting this coming Monday, running through Friday, for 4 adults. They’ve rented 2 bed/bath suites in my home. They messaged me 3 days ago to “remind” me that two of them would be arriving on Sunday morning, and the other two would be here on Tuesday sometime, and they were all planning to leave at some point Friday evening.

I wrote back asking them to please check their reservation, which requires they check in after 3PM on MONDAY and leave by 11AM on Friday. So far, crickets. If two people show up on Sunday morning, they will be very disappointed to find two other people in their room.


I ended up with guests for those nights, anyway. Last minute reservation through CS because their Air host cancelled them less than 24 hours before arrival. They were already on the way here from Ohio. So all’s well that ends well. When the cancellation of the “day early” guests came through, I did a happy dance. About an hour later, I got the request for the ones to fill the dates. Whew.

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