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Letting people in before check in time?


We host by remote with a local housekeeper, so we let her schedule dictate. She says normally she needs guests out by 11 and check-in at 3 to give her plenty of time if we have guests turning over the same day. We put in our check-in instructions that this is strict unless they pre-arrange with us to allow the cleaning folks time to do their thing. We’ll accommodate an early check-in If we have a gap in-between and verify with the housekeeper before we OK an early check-in.
Likewise, sometimes we allow a late check-out. It gives guests a chance to shower after a day at the beach before they make the drive home.
All depends on the situation though. We don’t bend over backwards. If it works on our end, we try to accommodate.


That’s sounds so familiar and I have much less to clean, aside from the common areas, which I DO keep clean, but not as immaculate as guest quarters/baths. I need a system!! I’m so impressed with you, I’m up and down two flights of stairs finding this, washing that, and taking too long. The upshot is I’m getting plenty of exercise! :bowing_woman:


Frequently; very. They are aged ,(20), and have a feline version of hypothyroidism. Getting meds down the buggers is a constant nightmare. I’m coming to feel that inventing new ways of enticing them is the equivalent of a human preventative programme against dementia.


Some of us don’t want to. I could easily let my guests self check in but then I have to go later and pound on their door for the tax. Plus when I can show them in it will give me a chance to explain my main concerns. just leaving it to chance that they will have read the insutructions has backfired on me.


be firm.i have a check in after 17.00 as well and my policy is never to do any favour as usually it does not translate to any benefits or better reviews. if you allow them to drop the luggages early and your house is untidy and unclean,it will backfire to you and mess their first impression of your listing which is crucial to us host. it works perfectly now and if you communicate clearly, it will work fine.


I have a relaxed approach to check in times. Mine are set to 3:00, but if guests want to check in before I explain that I will make a special effort to accommodate this if I can and usually do… most of my cleaning is done before 2:00 anyway. It ends up with a win-win as the guests on the whole recognise the concession and reciprocate in a good review or being respectful of the property.


@Rolf The check in time is clearly mentioned in the listings description. People should really start to read the ad before they book.

It’s just redicolous that people are allowed to leave bad reviews based on amenities and services we do not provide, and what we provide / don’t provide is clearly written in the ad. If they want early check in, they can simply book somewhere else.


I am adding to the “things to know” rules that pop up when you book. Early check in when (1:00) available is offered for a $30 fee, Late check out, 1:00 if available offered for a $30 fee… That way when they ask just send the request for money they should be expecting to pay



I’ve recently changed my check in time to 5pm as most of my guests arrived at that time or later. To compensate I have a 12 noon check out so they can have a lie in or a relaxed breakfast.this also gives me an extra hour to clean and I’m not panicking in case I have a late leaver and a 3 I clock guest arriving. If anyone asked to come earlier I say 4pm but I’ll also tell them by text if it’s ready earlier.


I don’t think they read very much.


4pm check in. I do not offer early check in. It just doesn’t work for me.

10am check out. My late checkout fee is $50 for the first hour, $100 for each additional hour. No one takes me up on it. :slight_smile: Staying 2 extra hours costs more for the guest than just booking an extra night.

Once the guest knows I have a set policy for both, they seem to stop asking (yes it is in my description AND in the rules they accepted when they book - but they still ask). I have a canned response in my “saved messages”, so it is quick & easy to reply consistently.


This is a cool idea! Can you tell me what section of the listing you are talking about that a guest sees when they book? Is it the “not suitable for pets…”…children under 12" Part? Where you can then add things under, “You must also acknowledge” I haven’t ever rented and ABB through Air so I don’t know what pops up for the guest.


Its in the rules, additional rules I think. I also put in there that the county requires I get a copy of picture ID and collect 10% tax.



Some people just dont READ or LISTEN at all !
Today I let a guest in at noon, I clearly said he could PUT HIS LUGGAGE IN THE ROOM AND COME BACK LATER, but now he’s in my kitchen making a big meal.

I havent had the time to clean the kitchen after the previous guests, so now he’ll probably make a complaint “Joas Kitchen was not clean”.

I cant go and throw him out either, although I really want to at this moment…


As I was reading this thread, got a message from TOMORROW’S arrivals, “WE’RE HERE!” They booked their arrival on the wrong day. Fabulous.

I had confirmed dates and checkin time (3:00 p.m.) twice – my routine with Airbnb newbies.

Lucky for them we don’t have guests tonight.

I told them the truth: the cottage isn’t ready, but they are lucky - the cottage is free tonight and the cleaner has agreed to come over and knock it out this morning instead of tomorrow, so no problem, right? Wrong.

They called me, and I confirmed my message, then I said we needed to take the conversation back to the Airbnb platform. They argued with me, and want to come right over to “discuss.” No way.

They said in their phone call they KNOW they booked for arrival today and that I must have made a mistake. How is that even possible when they did the booking? I gave up trying to convince them, and told them via the platform that I will let them know when the cottage is prepped (likely around 1:00 p.m.), sent them a reservation alteration adding tonight, and as nicely as possible said they simply can’t just come right over, even to drop their luggage.

Let’s see if they accept the alteration for tonight. Maybe they’ll cancel. Hope springs eternal.

UPDATE: Airbnb called me. Apparently they showed up at the house, but I was in the cottage and didn’t hear them ringing the doorbell. Everything is confirmed in the messages, so we’ll see. They still haven’t accepted their alteration for tonight. 30 hours early! This does not bode well. The CS at Airbnb agreed there was no way it’s my mistake. . .duh.


This is astounding. I’m rarely speechless but I am right now! Please keep us posted on the outcome.


We recently had a group of people ‘tell’ us that they would be showing up about a half hour before check in time. They then showed up closer to an hour before the time. We were home and ready for them so it wasn’t a big deal but it is irritating. The first thing they asked when they came in was if they could use the washing machine even though that isn’t on our listing but the answer was no. Why do people want to start washing clothes as soon as they walk in the door?


Oh man. Can you cancel them? They’ll probably be a huge pain in the ass if they’re ridiculous enough to argue about their check in date. Good on you for sticking to your guns.


Perhaps simply because they are traveling or have been for a while. Perhaps they got wet or the last place did not offer one either.


At noon, they sent me another message that they were sure their “original reservation” was correct and that arrival date was Tuesday, 7/31, not Wednesday, 8/1. In my earlier conversation, I told Airbnb I wasn’t going to argue with them any more! I sent them a message an hour later that the cottage is ready, and they need to do is accept the alteration request. No reply. I’m here for another hour – told them that, too. I won’t be back until 8:00 p.m. So they have had 3 hours to get back here and check in. It’s on them. Even if it HAD been for today, they would have been 6 hours early! I don’t know what is going to happen. I hope they cancel, honestly. Sheesh. Some people.

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