Just One Thin Dime

I know there was a discussion recently about guests leaving cash tips. Searching didn’t turn up anything on that topic from this year.

Not a big deal.

Our last Airbnb guest left on March 15. Nearly three months ago.

At that time, no one knew much about the persistence of virus on surfaces, so we left the room completely alone. There was lots of discussion in the science media about types of surfaces, how long, whether infectious . . .

So we just closed the doors to our two rooms and waited. We had no need of either Airbnb room.

Today, I finally stripped the bed in the Poetry Room and started the first load of laundry. And when I did that, I found a cash tip. A whole dime! I laughed when I found it. Undoubtedly just an oversight by our very nice final guest.

Yesterday, I finished the laundry for our other room, the Monet Room.

We’ll make them up again, even though we know they won’t be used for a long time—and the beds would have to be remade by then. We can open the doors, which helps with ventilation on nice days. When we walk past the rooms, we won’t be bothered by seeing them look undone.

We’ll stay closed until it’s completely safe. Health and safety wishes to you!

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I haven’t done anything in my Airbnb room since my last guest left the first week of March, aside from sweeping the floor and wiping the dead insects and gecko poop off the counter. That room opens onto the balcony and has a door into the bathroom that is exclusively for guests when I’m hosting. But it also has a door on the other side into my bedroom, so I use that bathroom minimally when I don’t have guests. So I did clean the bathroom after the guest left so I could use it.
But the guest bedroom hasn’t even had clean bedding put on-I just threw a thin cotton spread I have over it. Closed the door from there into the bathroom, and haven’t opened the door onto the balcony in like 3 months. I do peek in from time to time, as I once found a dead bat in there when the room wasn’t being used-it had flown in the window, I guess, and into the ceiling fan. Ouch.

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Oh, in that case, I got a LOT of cash tips! :crazy_face:


I just dusted and vacuumed the rooms today. Once we get the beds made, they’ll look presentable—to my husband, our greyhound, and me.

Sad about the bat.

One guest left about $6 US in coins in a little basket in her room- I’m assuming she didn’t want to carry around that much weight. But I have nowhere to spend US coins :frowning:

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We have a collection of international coins in a basket on our family room coffee table. Most have come from Airbnb guests. A few are silver bullion from various countries that my husband has collected. Guests enjoy looking at them.

Ok we are very curious - photos please! We just have to see this …

Not sure what you want to see. The Monet Room?

By the way, it no longer has a throw pillow.


Yessss! Just lovely! Great job!

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Thank you, @Jefferson. Let me know if you want to see the Poetry Room.

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We have come this far so bring it on. It is always fascinating to see what you creative types do with design, space and color.

I thought my grandmother had joined the forum for a minute :grin:

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Our guest bedroom now has all this year’s tulip bulbs drying out, ready to be potted again in November

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Okay. This is our Poetry Room. Do you read French? It’s " Demain dès l’aube,” a poem by Victor Hugo. Also no more throw pillow.

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