I've been fired

It was bound to happen. After the owners told me that they were in financial trouble and wanted to take over the management themselves last late spring, only to reverse their course, on Thursday afternoon I was fired. About time…

They had been at their home in between bookings, and forgot to take the trash down the driveway before they left. They texted me (8 hours away) to put them out. They demanded the housekeeper take them down, but sadly she lives 20 min away and its dark and 5:30 at night. I said NO; “how about you call Gary next door to ask him?”

They then demand that she show up on Friday morning before the trash service arrives. NO. It arrives around 6 a.m. They didn’t like my NO’s and my defending of the housekeeper. So I got fired. After 5 years of doing a great job.

Its been a long time coming. Something strange is in their water lately; bizarre requests from the wife like to not let the guests use the lower level of the golf course view deck; put a sign on the garage man door to not to enter the garage (three story home where there is a dumb waiter in the garage to get things down to the lower levels); don’t do this and don’t do that.

Then they wanted to sell the home as a turn key vacation home. No luck on that front for what they were asking.

It was time. I quick like a bunny got myself paid for the advance bookings; drove to the only open ATM to get the check deposited; and then on Friday a.m. converted both platforms over to her name and tele number.

Sadly due to Covid, they have one cancellation since my firing. I also know of another guest likely to cancel. Too bad they swept out the checking account I was in charge of, because now that cancellation will be withdrawn from the account and they are likely going into arrears with it.

I’m sad not to develop relationships/conversations with any more renters. I did enjoy that. Guiding, suggestions, and very immediate responses to everything.

There were no parting words, just an immediate transference of responsibilities with no training. Oh well…


Sorry to hear this but I hope the door opens to something better quickly. There’s going to be a huge travel boom in a few months with the roll out of vaccines and pent up demand. Too bad for them that they didn’t have a deep enough reservoir to withstand the pandemic. Somewhere a new owner is going to be very lucky to scoop you up as their manager.


COVID, like many adverse circumstances, seems to bring out either the best or the worst in people. It’s been interesting to see which way people swing.


Partly true in her case. She had not been at her own home in over a year until lately. She doesn’t work hard (Realtor and not enthused about it) but still avoided going there. I hope someone out there needs me. Thanks KCC and Muddy.


Their requests were entirely unreasonable, unless they were offering a good amount for the cleaner for a special 1 hour round-trip. Some people need to learn the hard way that a lack of planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on yours.

I hope that you recorded the contact info of every guest who ever stayed with them - that would be most helpful if you continue to co-host anywhere. Good luck!


I do hope it’s very temporary, and best of luck finding a better employer.

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Sorry to hear about your fired status but I agree with KKC, you are now free to experience new and better opportunities. Wishing you the best.

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Thank goodness you are free of them. I hope you get a better situation, and with a humane and responsible owner.

For what it’s worth - damn good job on your "no"s. Probably the first time they have heard it in awhile.

Hang in there and best karma to you. :slightly_smiling_face:


From your posts, I would stay at any place that has you as a manager. I’m hoping this door closing will bring something wonderful your way.

Stupid people tricks… ugh…


And you will be watching the reviews / bookings to see how it goes!


Agree! Their loss, someone elses gain!

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GASP! Boy am I a dumb bunny. That thought to check in with Air and V on my former listing had never even entered my mind. I will do that in a month after their holiday guests.

I always took great care to write replies to reviews so that they were focused on future renters. I’ll bet the owners will not get that part, unless they copy mine.

Thanks everyone.


Just keep showing up. The president was just fired yet he plans to keep showing up everyday. Sorry, had to… :rofl: