Is this new? Security Deposit is now ok?

Interesting that all of those fees can be collected in-person when the were previously expressly prohibited, however, the last sentence

seems to imply that Airbnb’s system knows about the fees so they can be shown in the breakdown, but then why would they be collected in-person.

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At least, for the first time in my understanding that Hosts now have the ability to collect a REAL Security Deposit. In theory, this would to help to dissuade Guests of the wrong type - since they would know that the Host gets to decide on damages and already have the money - vs the bs process trying to fight tooth and nail with Air’s abysmal claim process.


I’m concerned this is an example of poor communication. That list of fees that can be collected in person may apply only to the hotels and software-connected hosts. Otherwise, why would they say “generally, hosts may not collect…” then give two examples of fees that many/most hosts charge if the average host can collect them?

Airbnb has made a good bit of profit from applying their commission to cleaning, amenity, and utility fees, so it’s really odd that they would just start allowing in-person collection without a commission. I also wonder if there’s more to being an “eligible host” than just “Hotels and software-connected hosts”

The security deposit should make host’s ears perk up, though. Although, I suppose they can always withhold money from future earnings if a host keeps a security deposit and a guest complains to Airbnb.

Ah … yeah now that you pointed that out I looked again. But - “Software Connected Hosts” are applicable.

So … if one is using any type of PMS / API whatever - essentially anything at all beyond “just the Air Site and/or App” - then one qualifies.

I am having a huge fight with the claims department right now. I think VRBO is a better option since the money is in your possession from the start.

@Troman50, Please read again - Air hosts can DIRECTLY collect a security deposit.

I have no access to it. As I understood your post, it needs to be prior to the event. I had the Airbnb deposit set at $5000. Filed a claim for damage of $3000 and they want to give $400.

Naturally …


This is confusing. So I get that it can be detailed in the listing description, but where do these prices appear in the “price breakdown” if Air is not collecting these fees???

That was exactly my point.

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