IMPORTANT - Airbnb Glitch - showing shared spaces when whole house

I just saw this listed on another Airbnb group and when I checked, my listing also had it turn on as a shared space. I HAVE NEVER OFFERED A SHARE SPACE LISTING.

After seeing a post on about yet another glitch on Airbnb page adding that spaces are shared when they’re not, I’ve just checked our listing and yep, both bedrooms had the space could be shared by other guests! No wonder we haven’t had any enquiries for 2 weeks!


I saw something similar on my listing last week. It looked to me like Airbnb made some changes under “Rooms and Spaces” that allows you to describe your rooms in more detail. I have a whole house listing, but all of the bedrooms in my listing were showing as “Shared with others”. Only the bedrooms, not any of the other spaces.

Wow, I just checked all my listings and they were listed as shared spaces too. I wonder how long this has been like that?
Thanks for the heads up.


@RiverRock I think it came with the last update, that’s when I noticed it anyway. It was several weeks ago. It was a mess to fix along with the new way they make you tag the pictures by room.

Thanks - they messed ours up, too.

I saw that as well, fixed same and then sent off a Feedback Bug Report and asked them to Hire IT that know what they are doing :smiling_imp:

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Thank you for this! I checked my listings and saw the same thing. WTF? I mean really, you have ONE JOB to do, Airbnb.

Yes, I too discovered this today. Same thing happened to me!

Where are you folks located? I just check all 3 of my listings and they are still listed as “private room”.

They’re probably outsourcing coding to India. Most Indian contract programmers write bugs, not code.

That’s a weird and disturbing comment. I think you’ll find the millenial san franciscans are perfectly capable of fucking things up royally.


It appeared in our Silicon Valley home listing (changed it immediately upon discovery). It did not appear in our Palm Springs home listing.

My comment is based on doing maintenance programming on software from and Indian outsourcing contractor. Maybe all Indian outsourcing firms don’t write code that bad, but I hadn’t seen such horrible code since modern design techniques were introduced.

I too have outsourced my code and have found that there is good and bad programmers everywhere but having said that I will no longer use the bottom pricing coders
from any country. Right now I have awesome developers in the UK but it took me years for find competent programmers whether in the US, Canada, or Europe.

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a private room is a shared space show that wouldn’t have changed.

I had the same thing, 13 listings and NO BOOKINGS for three weeks til i spotted the shared button was highlighted. Changed it to private and 5 bookings within 48 hours. Told AirBnB and no apology.
Cost me a considerable amount of money :frowning: