I want to crawl under a rock

Received a message from the guest half hour after he checked in - “there’s a poop in the middle of the bed.” Sure enough , the cat, who is NEVER allowed back there, has snuck in and done his business. Why didn’t I do a last minute scan of the place??? Woe is me!!

Bedding has been changed, refund has been offered, profuse apologies have been given. The guest is in decent humour about it. Now I will wait under a rock for my 0 star review.


Ooh, no!!! We gather together with you, under the shame rock in solidarity. We’ve all been there (well, maybe not poop on the bed, but you know what I mean). So sorry, friend. We’ll all laugh with you later, when you get that 5 star you aren’t expecting :sweat_smile:.


Seems like you need to ask yourself why the cat is pooping somewhere other than outside or in a litter box.


I’ve only had one cat for about 15 years and she never went anywhere but outside or in a litter box. However I’ve read of such capricious feline behavior before. It’s one reason why cats have such a love-hate reputation. Humans call it spite but it’s more complicated than that.

Oh I am asking myself many, many questions, and that is one of them. “Why oh why “ pretty much covers it though . :tired_face:

On another note can any one advise me on how the refund process works? In three years of hosting I have never had occasion to offer one before :weary:. I have sent it through the resolution centre. Does the guest get a notification? Will I know when he has received it? Does it go through as a credit on whatever payment method he used?

When you send via the resolution center it can be hard for a guest to find. I always put the link to it in the message thread. But I think they send an email, or it might be in small print somewhere in the message page. You will not know that he got it, you should ask him.

By the way, you have my sympathies. A guest dog got into my Airbnb suite from my side of the house while I was cleaning and pooped in the fresh shower. Luckily I did do one last walkthrough before the guest arrived and I had time to re-clean the shower.


My dear cat Marley pooped on my pillow once. Rip, he had a good excuse

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I’ve got one for you. My husband and I had a fight and my cat was equally pissed so in solidarity she decided to leave her piss on his jeans he’d left on the floor. I secretly applauded. My guess is the host’s cat is not liking all the visitors coming in and is expressing the displeasure where it counts.

My cat, like others, would swipe things off the table other times when she was mad at me…like if we’d been gone too long. Her message was always clear, haha.


Ooooh, I have a new respect for cats. :wink:


It’s cat poop so it’s not as bad as human poop. I bet they’ll still give you a five star review, especially if they’re pet owners.


I had a lovely young couple stay for a weekend a few years back who were farmers. Told me they rarely are able to leave their farm due to the amount of work and they run it by themselves - crops and livestock. They were so excited about this beach trip and it was their first Airbnb stay.

I always ask my guests to keep the door to the bedroom closed as the pugs are very curious and extremely stubborn. The first day they were here, they left the door cracked and one of the pugs pulled almost everything out of their suitcase and scattered it around the room. Apologized profusely. They tended to keep their door cracked and sure enough, one of the boys got in again and peed in his boot. I was mortified. He thought it was hilarious and just laughed it off figuring the farm smells on the boot were too fragrant for Dozer to pass up.

When they left, I apologized again for both events, they said not to worry. I waited for the dreaded 1 star review that never came. They left a lovely 5 star review and mentioned how delightful the dogs were.

People never fail to surprise me. In many ways.


Yep my old Mane Coon would poop on the suitcase.
He hated it when we left him fir a couple of days!


My 19 yr old cat (RIP one year ago this month) started peeing in my closet once in a while. No unitary tract infection - just senility. And the comfort of mom and her closet. :smiley_cat:


Remember the Furry Freak Brothers? There was a little sub-comic strip at the end of each comic story called Fat Freddy’s Cat, who was always pooping in his boot or his hat or something.

Had a cat once who acted like a feral cat, even though he was one of a litter from my daughter’s cat, who had been born in our house, had never been abused, or left to fend for himself.

I’ve never used a litter box, our cats always went outside, but this cat would meow at the door to be let out and you had to basically tiptoe up to him, not get too close, and gingerly reach over to turn the doorknob. If you got too close to him in thhis process, he’d turn and run up the stairs and pee in my clothes basket.

He was also stupid. I had a glass roof over my back porch and I couldn’t figure out where the scraping sound I was hearing was coming from one day. Then I saw the cat on the glass roof, where he’d taken a dump and was scratching at the glass, trying to cover it up.


The only time my cats that I’ve had for 12 years did that, I was on a long trip, had house sitters using another bedroom and one of mine pooped on my bed.
Just back from a trip, had someone staying and no bad reports this time. They slept with her under the covers and both are on my lap, under the computer as I type.
Anyone else have a cat top computer?


So if they start pooping in wrong places - it’s probably indicative of something health wise going on. Although cats can sometimes be horrible spiteful little things…

I’ll be honest - if I was a guest and you took all the actions you did. I wouldn’t 1 star you across the board. I might give you a 4 on cleanliness but you’d still get high marks from me for everything else. Something obviously unexpected happened, you offered a refund, you resolved the issue, and you apologized. Thats the mark of a good host.

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Stan would love to spend a few hours walloping on the keyboard if he could. I have to be vigilant because he’s pretty clever, He has changed my keyboard setting from US to UK and on several occasions switched on airplane mode.

Then there’s all the cat hair on the keyboard to contend with.


This pet owner would not give 5 stars, if I even stayed after walking into that. Cat Poop is disgusting.


Sort of. My two kitties sit on my desktop while I work, preferably behind the monitor where it’s warm. They fight over the space, then settle in curled around each other.

I’ve had a string of hundreds of dashes (or other random characters) when they stretch and out the paws on the keyboard


I agree that cat poop is disgusting. Whoever upthread said it’s not as bad as human poop, I’d have to disagree- it’s just as bad.

But if I were a guest, I would cut the host some slack, understand that it was a one-off the host was mortified about, and forget about it, no docking of stars.

What I don’t understand is how the cat snuck in after the space was prepared. Saying the cat is never “allowed” there is funny. As if cats pay any attention to rules.