I got one of those 25% payouts

It was weird. It’s for one of the April reservations that canceled. I had a bunch in March, I received nothing for any of them. I contacted Airbnb and they said they would “look into it”. We will see what happens. The one I got was annoying because I had reduced the price for her in order to make cancellation more reasonable because she knew she wasn’t coming, then she ended up qualifying for a free cancelation due to CV and the 25% was 25% of the updated reservation, not of the original, which would have been a lot more. Just another instance of trying to go above and beyond to help people and ending up screwing yourself for absolutely no reason!

has anyone else gotten any? If so, march or April? I know people were interested in the super host fund moreso than than this…


I got nothing yet.

What I did get was a message from support to 100% refund a guest that cancelled BEFORE the measures were imposed by airbnb hence only got 50% back (strict policy). No thanks lol

I’m interested in both of these, but not holding my breath to see any type of payout. Nothing yet. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if/when I see even $25, never mind the 25%.


Boo, I am sorry to hear it. I am not sure why I got something for the single ONE. I had a bunch who cancelled due to CV and I am sure they are all quite similar in terms. I really should get 25% for all of my March cancelations.

I think you should reach out to them and ask - if you think you qualify. I am sure if I hadn’t received the one for April, I would write it off as “not qualifying” and I would never find out about the March ones but now I am on it. I am really curious what they will say. Mine was about $200, which is nice. I think they would all be 200 or 250, so it could be something, which would help with bills.

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I qualify for strict cancellations and for the Super Host “fund.” I’m not going to chase it, though, unless a ton of folks post that they got theirs. We’ll see.

You are confused. The 25% isn’t 25% of the entire booking. It is 25% of what you would have gotten if your cancellation policy had been upheld. So if you should have gotten 50% of the entire booking, you will get 25% of 50%, which is 12.5%.

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Well whatever the amount, they confirmed that it was on the reduced reservation, not the original. I shouldn’t have reduced it, I should have stuck to my guns and waited. She would have gotten a free cancelation either way and I would have gotten a bit more refunded.

One thing I noticed is that for cancelled reservations, there’s no way to see what the nightly rate and/or payout was originally supposed to be, so you have to refer to the booking confirmation e-mails you received from Airbnb.

That’s what I did. They asked for the reservation code in order to look into it. If I didn’t have the emails, I never would have found the codes.

So here’s something interesting. A host reported on the CC today they they were surprised to receive that 25% refund for 2 cancelled reservations, even though they have a moderate cancellation policy, and the guests cancelled way before the 5 days when their cancellation policy would have taken effect at 50%. They haven’t actually received the money yet, but it shows as processing.
Either it’s a glitch, and Airbnb won’t catch it or they’ll catch it and claw it back from future payouts, or this isn’t working the way it was stated.

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After I contacted Airbnb, they reviewed my reservations from March and said I should get the 25%. I wonder if I would have gotten it if I hadn’t said anything? I think anyone with a strict, or maybe even moderate, should contact them with reservations codes and request review. No reason not to at least inquire. They told me it’s going to take a few days to get it figured out but that I have 4 that should fall within the policy. They are probably a couple hundred each. Funny to think how much it was when this began, 20k+, now I will get a few 100. :rofl:

I will let you know what happens!

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Thanks for this post. I need to contact them because I am pretty sure we are eligible for several and we haven’t received any info. I was trying to be patient since I read it was mid-April, but mid-April has come and gone.

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I still only got the one from April even though I had a bunch in March.

they sent me this note when I asked about the other reservations…

Airbnb is committed to helping our community of hosts impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
For reservations made on or before March 14th, 2020 (local time) with a check-in date between March 14th, 2020 and May 31th, 2020 (local time):

  • If you’re eligible for a payout under our extenuating circumstances policy you’ll be contacted soon. If you’re eligible for multiple payouts, they will be sent in a single batch, once per month. These payouts will be issued automatically for qualifying cancellations, so you don’t need to reach out.
  • Airbnb will pay 25% of what you would’ve received for a cancellation based on your cancellation policy. For example, if you would normally receive $400 USD through your cancellation policy, we’ll pay you $100 USD.
  • This policy will also apply retroactively, including any cancellations you may have had since March 14th.
  • Future payments from the fund will be made on a monthly basis to hosts with qualifying cancellations.
    *For reservations made on or before March 14th, 2020 (local time) with a check-in date after May 31st, 2020 (local time), we know there may still be uncertainty. In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking hosts and guests to revisit these reservations and choose to either cancel or re-commit to the reservation.

Reservations made after March 14th, 2020 are currently not covered under COVID-19-related extenuating circumstances.

they’ve sent me this same notice before… I hate how they say “soon”. It means nothing.

All of my April and May bookings have cancelled. I got confusing messages from Airbnb about giving 100% refunds and how to do it. It often defaulted to the Resolution Center, making it look like they were going to deduct the money from my account before getting a payout. The assured me this wouldn’t happen. I still haven’t received any of the 25% payouts they were supposed to start sending in April. Has anyone?

Just checking you know it is 12.5% of the entire booking, or 25% of the 50% of your strict cancellation policy.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve not received any notification. I feel I better contact them just in case it helps. I’m not holding my breadth.

It won’t help. They have put out a timeline for when eligible hosts will receive payment. It will be a waste of your time to contact CS about it. You’ll just get some rote reply.

The 25% payment is paid to you based on the cancellation option you choose. We had chosen “moderate”. We had about 12 cancellations in total. One guest had cancel a day before her reservation was to start so we received the support payment for that one. All the other guest cancelled weeks before they were due to arrive so none of those fell the rules of moderate so we weren’t entitled to receive the 25%. I also believed like many of us were under the impression we would be getting 25% of the total payout for any booking that was canceled within the dates March 10-April 30. To my surprise after getting that one payment I spoke to an agent who explained that was all we would be receiving and that none of the other cancellations qualified. Very disappointed.

I actually just got a payment for a bunch of cancellation reservations, but it appears that they totally missed the first two. Scheduled for arrival on March 17 and 19, Airbnb actually paid me out as normal but then reversed them at the end of March. I should have been paid 25% of the total since they were booked under strict policy and cancelled at the last minute, but they were not included in the group of payments. Not encouraging…

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Update: those were cases where the bookings were cancelled after the check-in date (the guests never actually checked in) so Airbnb’s system never caught them as being eligible for refunds. I called in and sounds like I should be getting something for those.

However, in the one case where I voluntarily refunded a guy it sounds like I may be out of luck because it was not cancelled under the extenuating circumstances policy.