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How to prevent men from spraying their.... Piss


Can you see it in your mind’s eye?


Then you would need another sign telling the guest not to flush the wipes down the toilet! Why not just use toilet paper? (I have Dettol spray by the loo anyway).


@Rolf, you need a urinal fly or a goal post:




the stream doesn’t alway come out straight to start with


Willy Wonka? Wonky Willy?


I can’t believe I just read this entire thread in one sitting without feeling ill. I guess I have a much stronger stomach now thanks to hosting.


Only 'cos the mods deleted the photos!


Pics or it didn’t happen! Errr wait—let me rethink that… :rofl:


Thanks all! I needed a chuckle today…new Tablet not working,- on the phone with tech support when the doorbell rings, the cat throws up on the rug, tried to drag him to the kitchen floor and I accidentally hang up on tech support as the phone buzzes with a last minute request for tonight.

Looking for the vodka or gin!!


I have a similar issue - my rental cabin is on a septic system. I warn guests about flushing sanitary products down the toilet with a cute sign.


Update: never heard back from Samsung tech support but my guests were Computer Science majors from Hong Kong. Tablet problem fixed!

Some last minute reservations are worth the effort!

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