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How to prevent men from spraying their.... Piss


That sounds great! Thanks AmyB :smiley:


I love essential oils!


How about this for a sign:

“We aim to please. Would you aim too please?”

Just for the record, I’m a male sitter…


Paint a bullseye or cross hairs target in the bowl.


I’m making an assumption based on your photo, but as you don’t have male genitalia, you have no idea.

Next time you have to pee, try doing it standing up and see how accurate you are.

Solution is to, as stated, ask all guests to sit at toilet.

But we live in a world where at least 10% of the time that I, as a man, go to a public restroom, I still see guys use a urinal and then walk straight out.
I don’t care how careful you are. When you use a urinal, there IS ALWAYS some splash/bounce/mist. Men need to ALWAYS wash their hands after a urinal.


I kinda have this feeling that a woman could figure it out…at least after the first 18 years of daily practice :joy:


Yup…women are innovative and could figure out a way in no time.


fill a spray bottle about half to 2/3 of white vinegar
1/2 cup of alcohol
2 or 3 drops liquid dish soap
top it off with tap water

I use this on all surfaces. It’s cheap, pretty much non-toxic, and makes everything shine


Total waste of good vodka or gin. :wink:


I’m a gin woman myself. So much so that I tell people that there is no such thing as a vodka martini.


Thats what I was thinking :wink: lol


Yes, I’m female. But this is 2017 - we can stand up and pee too, you know. :slight_smile:

Don’t miss the explanatory video!


But do you have “aim”?



Details, details!


See the video. :slight_smile:
But I will admit that the devise is probably more controllable than a lump of human flesh!


I beg your pardon. It’s a finely designed squirt gun! :slight_smile:


Which was what I was saying…



Oh-mi-gawd, I’m weak!!


All seriousness aside, no matter how careful the aim, there is a very fine spray that that’s unavoidable. Ya gotta sit.


I do!

(Hang on a minute while I visualize…)

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