How to prevent men from spraying their.... Piss

Sorry to be so blunt!

Some male guests rudely pee landing on the rim of the bowl, and leave also drops on the floor in front of the bowl. Besides being gross, it also implies that my place is not clean (the bathroom is shared with another guest room) and i would feel very uncomfortable if i walked in and had to confront this.

How do you dissuade people from doing this? A cute sign? A stern warning in the house rules? What Has worked for you, so that i may use your technique.


I would think a cute sign. Or a little placard in the mens bedroom reminding them that other guests use the bathroom, so they should be as accurate as possible with their…aim. But really, should a grown up human being really need reminding to wipe up urine from rim/floor? ugh.


I often think how good it would be if all guests were post-menopausal single women!


I suggest you clean it. I operated a holiday establishment for 13 years. During peak periods, we would check the toilets 4 times a day. You are not going to change their habits over a couple of days if they are not toilet trained already. Just keep in a cupboard some disposable gloves, a spray and cloth. Less than 10 seconds. Consider your other guests.

And lets not get sexist here. I can assure you that males are not the only offenders for bathroom cleanliness.

Reminds me of a great life thought:

“Life is like a pubic hair on a toilet seat. Sooner or later you will get pissed off.”


these help :slightly_smiling:
Leave some clorox wipes near by


I had 2 girls last night and you would of thought they were men, the way they sprayed!

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Worst part of hosting. I’ve a terribly weak stomach :mask:

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Sure, Millharbour – but then you need another sign asking guests to please not dispose of those clorox wipes in the toilet since it will clog the pipes… Then another sign instructing them what to do when the toilet is clogged…


In seventeen different languages…


I had request from a couple of guests in private feedback to provide a plunger, as they pooped a lot, but i refuse to get one as I think they’re the most unhygienic things invented.:mask: Leaving a toilet cleaner there i guess is better…

this is why i refuse to get a plunger. Disgusting :mask:

LOL so true just trying to help out:)

I have other means :wink:

The supermarket chemical cleaner removes it instantly, then I may get my partner to get in, with his gloved hand

or a big hose :wink:
I hate breathing them chemicals in :mask:

Yeah, easy just piss him off.

Seen on the door to the gents loo in Scotland: “Our aim is to keep it clean, your aim will help”.


Pretty much what I do, but I just host one guest at a time so the urine mess is not a big issue… I wipe it all down often. I wish men would just sit down to pee, but they don’t, so there’s spray and drip that could be avoided. Putting up a sign would be the best thing but I’d feel funny doing that.

One of my brother in laws was in the Navy and he said they all sit to pee on the ships because of the movement of the ship and they have to clean it. Let’s face it, most men don’t care if they spray all over because they live in a society where someone cleans up after them. Even on this thread that’s seen as the most logical solution.


“Let’s face it, most men don’t care if they spray all over because they live in a society where someone cleans up after them. Even on this thread that’s seen as the most logical solution.”

Of course it’s the best solution, but how do you go about educating people? My big, burly, fire fighter dad used to sit to pee at home because it was more hygienic. I’ve always done it, especially when I’m in someone else’s home! Nothing more disgusting to visit a bathroom after some pig has sprayed piss all over.