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How to prevent men from spraying their.... Piss



Yeah, easy just piss him off.


Seen on the door to the gents loo in Scotland: “Our aim is to keep it clean, your aim will help”.


Pretty much what I do, but I just host one guest at a time so the urine mess is not a big issue… I wipe it all down often. I wish men would just sit down to pee, but they don’t, so there’s spray and drip that could be avoided. Putting up a sign would be the best thing but I’d feel funny doing that.


One of my brother in laws was in the Navy and he said they all sit to pee on the ships because of the movement of the ship and they have to clean it. Let’s face it, most men don’t care if they spray all over because they live in a society where someone cleans up after them. Even on this thread that’s seen as the most logical solution.


“Let’s face it, most men don’t care if they spray all over because they live in a society where someone cleans up after them. Even on this thread that’s seen as the most logical solution.”

Of course it’s the best solution, but how do you go about educating people? My big, burly, fire fighter dad used to sit to pee at home because it was more hygienic. I’ve always done it, especially when I’m in someone else’s home! Nothing more disgusting to visit a bathroom after some pig has sprayed piss all over.


Short term, maybe the suggested signs. Longer term, families that teach their boys to be considerate and clean, maybe even teaching them to sit to pee when it’s hygenic to do so? A society where women’s work and men’s work is equally valued? Men who are slobs being seen as slobs instead of “manly?”


It really can’t be that hard not to splash everywhere, can it?


It’s mind-boggling that there has not been any known progress in bathroom design to address this problem. Where are all the innovative minds such as seen on Shark Tank! Heck, it doesn’t have to be a Rube Goldberg contraption, just something simple…

How 'bout a PVC tube or something that is situated upright at the side of the tank when not in use. To use, the guy pulls it forward (like the arm of a slot machine) and streams into it, thereby eliminating any random spray. The other end would have a flexible snorkel-like attachment that extends just under the seat and empties directly into the bowl sans splash! After all, isn’t it the splash of water hitting water with force that causes the splatters hither and yon? All it would take is to pour a little disinfectant solution down the pipe to keep it fresh smelling.

Or, how 'bout having a net or sieve mounted on the rim just above the waterline on a corner of the bowl where guys can aim, the purpose being to again break the force of the stream before it hits the water. Hence, no splash!

Or…how 'bout…(don’t stop me now, I’m on a roll!)


Also mind boggling to think it would be easier to make an invention than to change human behavior.


You ought to patent it! And there must be a way to automate the disinfectant. Did I dream this or was there once a little thingy that you could float in the loo to teach little boys how to aim? They ought to have adult versions :slight_smile:


I’m afraid it really is a bit difficult to not spray if you stand up to pee. Even if you “have good aim”, there is still a very fine spray that can’t be avoided. Also, there’s the splash effect that bounces out of the bowl. The only way to avoid any of this to just sit down. It’s so easy, but most men just won’t do it because it takes a little more time but it’s so much cleaner.


Well, we girls do :slight_smile:


“a little thingy that you could float in the loo to teach little boys how to aim?”

Yes, a ping pong ball, not just for little boys!


Yes! Someone should create a phone app where you get 100 points for a correct aim. That would instill a sense of pride in the most untidy pissers :slight_smile:

Old joke from some ancient TV show: Some facility was getting their place ready for a royal visit from Prince Charles. For some reason the urinal had been set on the wall higher than usual. When asked, about it the contractor said ‘Well after all, he is the highest peer in the realm’.



This is what a fellow host in Tokyo puts up. Not sure how effective it is as she has around 50 other detailed signs around her listing…


In India (Where I visit regularly) most have the squat loo, which are very beneficial to health.
Cleaning the loo makes my stomach churn every time. One guest asked for a loo brush, so he could clean it, but to me they are so unhygienic. No matter how much you were to try and clean one of those brushes, you couldnt do it 100%. I prefer a loo spray. However I hate all the chemicals in a lot of products so I would love to try and make my own natural spray, as long as it was effective!


I taught my boys with cheerios


yes! Because then you wouldn’t have to be concerned when they get flushed!!


Hydrogen peroxide is 100% natural, not harmful to humans if it gets on your hands, no odor, and is a highly effective antimicrobial. I mix mine with some vinegar, water, and a few drops of 100% organic, natural peppermint oil for the nice scent. That’s how I clean my bathroom countertops, sinks, shower, and commode. It’s effective, smells fresh, and doesn’t pollute the environment or create a human health hazard, like the chemical products do. Other all natural substances that are excellent anti-microbials: tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, thyme oil, and camphor oil. You only need a few drops.

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