How to List Non-Amenities

We’d like to show guests that we don’t have an amenity (fridge). I didn’t click on it, but it doesn’t show up crossed out as other amenities do.
I made a note about it in the Other Things to Note section, but wondered if there’s a way it can show up crossed off in the amenities list.

If it doesn’t show up crossed out, it’s because that’s the way Airbnb has created the user interface. However, it really doesn’t matter because most guests wouldn’t see it anyway.

If you’ve had multiple guests complain about or just mention not having a refrigerator, I would very strongly encourage you to just get a small refrigerator for guests to use. Pretty much every hotel has them and guests expect it, regardless of what your listing says, and they may still ding you in reviews even if they know ahead of time you don’t have it. I don’t know what your listing is like, but the small “cube” refrigerators easily fit in a bedroom and are not expensive.

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Honestly with reading comprehension by guests being what it is esp. when viewing multiple listings I think your best bet is to spell those things out in a message before you accept the booking. That is what I do. I preface it with “just so we’re all on the same page and there are no unpleasant surprises for guest or host…”


On a hunch: Why don’t you click on it to activate, safe and the uncheck it again. That might make it show up as crossed.

Isn’t there an “amenities limitations” section somewhere? I would just add a little blurb in there pointing out that there is no fridge.

Or, preferably, put a little fridge in the room.

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No fridge at all? What if someone needs to keep medication cold? I would ABSOLUTELY expect some way to refrigerate something, whether or not such a basic item is listed as an “amenity”. A small fridge like a cube or even a 4 cf one like for students will not set you back much.

They need to find an accommodation that has a refrigerator or travel with their own ice packs like my diabetic sister did.

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New job requires travel. So far every Hilton, Hampton inn, Sheraton, Cambria, and the LaQuinta (last thing with an Airport shuttle available at 11 pm when a storm shut down all outgoing flights) has a coffee/tea service and refrigerator. Most have microwaves.

I know we are not offering hotels (mine is definitely not a “let us pamper you” rental) however we know people don’t read our descriptions and they have hotel expectations.

I’ve found it challenging to effectively communicate rental reality vs. what they think or should be because another Airbnb or a hotel offers it.

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