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How to find gay friendly airbnb listings or market your listing to the gay community


Thank you so much for your input @GutHend I really appreaciate it.


Here’s your scientific proof:




Sorry, you hit my grammarian nerve. I know what you are saying but it sounds like none are welcome.

“People of all faiths, or none, are welcome!”


We lived in Poland in the early 80’s (time of Solidarity and Martial Law) and our two best friends were a Polish/American gay male couple. Warsaw was pretty liberal in those days but our friends were extremely amused when the 4 of us went on holiday to the more conservative South … they were handed the keys to their room without a blink but I was held back and questioned for quite a time because they suspected I was my husband’s “lady for the night”! Actually I was quite flattered as most Polish hookers were much more glamorous and better-dressed than me!

I am also of an age to remember when unmarried couples in the UK had to buy brass curtain rings and remember that they were Mr and Mrs Smith when they wanted to book into a B&B.


I sometimes wonder if I am on a Pink List somewhere as I seem to have a higher percentage than would be normal.

I would not want to list as particularly anything friendly, nor would I want to stay somewhere that focussed on a particular subset.


The way cats seem to be drawn to those who are allergic or don’t care for them.


I dont care either way, found them good guests, better than average. Obviously you can never be certain anyway, well a few times people have made a point which I thought was odd, none of my business.


I’ve put “gay friendly” and “LGBT friendly” in the description of my listings, but now Airbnb has removed keyword search, so I guess it doesn’t help much. And “gay friendly” or similar is not an option in the detailed filter search either.

I really miss the keyword search:


It’s apparently been gone for some time.


except that I said “and”, not “or”, so it can only have one meaningful interpretation. I too have grammar issues :slight_smile:


You’ve counter-hit my grammarian, and boolean logic, nerve!

I’d endorse @JamJerrupSunset 's wording:

it is about people of faiths (A + B + C + X) where X = none.

What @KIKC 's sentence could suggest is either someone has all faiths at the same time (A + B + C) or none. It could lead to specious deductions like People of some faiths are not welcome! :slight_smile:


@JamJerrupSunset @KIKC @Astaire

As a none English speaker I find the small discussion you are having quite interesting, also because I think the original sentence leaves room for confusion. To cause less confusion would it be a solution to say:
“People of none and all faiths are welcome.” ???


I agree that the wording, “People of all faiths and none are welcome.” is confusing even to a native English speaker. I think your wording is just as confusing. Here is what I put in my listing under Other Things to Note:

“This should go without saying as it’s common decency, but in light of recent political developments we’re saying it: we welcome guests of all abilities (as long as we are able to provide necessary accommodations), ethnicities, nationalities, religious beliefs or non-beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities and ages.”


The words “all faiths and none” have entered usage as a set phrase - a bit like those Shakespearean or Churchillian ones that are always said in that order.

It’s a bit like saying ‘last but not the least’, ‘without let or hindrance’ (let means hindrance), ‘law and order’ (nobody says order and law) and so on and so forth!

I confirmed this by doing a quick web search on the phrase:


You’ll find a great many web pages with this phrase in their title or even part of the URL. I even found an acronym definition for it - AFAN!!

Blimey, even the Church of England have an ‘afan handbook’!!
https://www.churchofengland.org/media/1123577/afan teachers handbook.pdf

So the reason ‘people of all faiths and none are welcome’ works is because we (English-speakers) subconsciously take in those words as a single semantic unit - As if you could say ‘we are AFAN+’!

If you’ve done any computer programming, you might notate it thus:

(people (of all faiths and none)) are welcome

Only when you starting dissecting the actual wording of the original sentence used above ignoring or oblivious to its idiomatic history do you start doubting its grammatical validity.

I would still take on board the objection @KIKC had about ‘… none are welcome’ - maybe you could say ‘We welcome people of all faiths and none’ - after all this is better expressed actively rather than passively.


Yes, I like this one a lot :slightly_smiling_face: ! This is much clearer !
Thanks for the rest of the explanation, very interesting :+1:.


Cheers @GutHend

I’m guessing you’re a Spanish speaker. Just looked up to see if there was a Spanish equivalent of this, but looks like there’s none. You can see the English phrase come up quite often:

But of course, Spanish has its fair share of similar common phrases, though I can’t remember any at the moment, perdóname!


No, actually I’m Belgian :relaxed: and speak Dutch (and a few other languages). I don’t know what reasoning I had to make this account under my hubbies name: We do the AirBnB thing together. Maybe I signed up with our “business” gmail that has his name on it.


Aah, je ben vlaamse! I went by the name of course, Gutiérrez.


How about “people of no faith are welcome and the the rest are tolerated?”

No? Sigh.

I’m joking but I’ve seen a number of listings where the host thinks it’s quite important to mention their religious faith in the listing but none where the host boasts of their non-faith. I’m looking for a way to stand out in the crowd. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am an ordained Pastafarian Minister but have left that nugget of info our of my listing. Maybe I will rethink that. :stuck_out_tongue: