How to find gay friendly airbnb listings or market your listing to the gay community

Gay friendly listings can be found by selecting the “more filters” option and then enter “gay” in the keyword field. In general, the advanced filter function / keyword field can be very useful when searching Airbnb listings. You can search for any attribute, for example “gay” for finding gay friendly listings, “pet” for finding pet friendly listings, “handicap” for finding handicap friendly listings, “garden” for finding listings with a garden etc. Here is a detailed guide to using the filter function when searching Airbnb listings, in this case for finding gay friendly accommodation:

Your listing will only appear in these results if your listing has the specific search term. This is one good reason to include “gay friendly” somewhere in your listing description, as many gay people are activly searching for gay friendly acommodation. Furthermore, your listing will also appear in Google search results if someone searces for “gay” / airbnb / accommodation + your city / area.

This way you’ll improve your chances of getting more guests.


There is already a site in America called Misterbnb also another one in Europe called Ebab.


True, but MisterBnB has just not been able to compete with AirBnB in the States so far. I listed my place in L.A. For a few weeks on MisterBnB and got zero bites. I decided to expand to the straight community and so listed on AirBnB and received six booking requests within a few hours. Night and day difference.

My partner and I are very open about our gayness in our descriptions hoping to attract like-minded guests and avoid homophobic guests. It’s good to know there are other tools you can use to market to the gay community.


So sad you even have to worry about that :confused:


So there isn’t a check box or anything for me to select that I am a gay friendly rental? I just need to write in my description that I am gay friendly?


As far as I can tell, no. There is no box to check. I would love it if there were.


One of my guests was so worried about it, she disclosed she was transgendered in her enquiry, so of course I accepted and reassured her, and I tried to be especially welcoming… But then she smacked me in a a review saying her iPad didn’t get a signal on the wi-fi (an Ipad thing, not related to me, why didn’t she just restart it?) Also smacked me for my distance from the store (disclosed) and the fact that I didn’t have Kona coffee, just regular. But other than that, “KonaCoconutz is really really really LGTB friendly!!!” Eye roll.


Thank you for this. I am always looking for places to list our B & B in Budapest, Hungary. We are buying an apartment in Cuenca, Ecuador that will be self-catering, so I have been reviewing all the places we currently are listed with.

This article will be a great help.

By the way, MrBnB is French owned and operated. It was started by two Frenchmen after having an uncomfortable experience with a non-gay accommodation operator.

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Some of my past and present guests are gay, but frankly I wonder why this even has to come up in the first place.


I just checked AirBnB for a random listing in Budapest, Hungary (where we are located). The More Filters does not have a space for typing in particulars. This must have been deleted somewhere along the way.

If you ever experienced traveling somewhere and having a hotel desk clerk refuse to let you and your partner rent a room because it had only one bed, you would understand why it matters.


I hear you jackulas, I could at least imagine.

I would feel like it was overkill to write on my listing “Gay friendly” why would I not be?
At that point I’d have to say “Irish Friendly” Hippy friendly" "Senior friendly"
where would it end?
Lets just assume we are friendly;we are opening up our homes to
people we have never met.


We’re renting rooms, not lifestyle-themed resorts. I don’t ask who they’re bringing or their preferences. What would make a room gay friendly? I figure walls and beds and nightstands don’t discriminate?

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WOW?? Really!!! I’m shocked! I cannot believe that still happens in civilized countries. Or were you talking about places like Dubai…? Or? Where were you refused, Jack?


Nearly all my gay customers, the men especially, have written beforehand and just mentioned they were gay and hoped this wasn’t an issue. I always reassure at that point that I am gay friendly.

My trans guest was especially rattled to have to “disclose,” which is why I did extras for her and was super nice… and then got smacked in a review by her!!!

GUESTS! Never cease to amaze!


Oh yeah. You’d better believe it. This happened to me only a few years ago. And, in Santa Cruz, CA of all places. One of the most liberal places in the U.S. So, it does happen. And, everywhere.

As you can see, there are folks right here on this board who clearly don’t have an appreciation for what we go through even in the 21st century. My partner and I won’t book anywhere unless we can be 100% sure we won’t face any awkwardness or discomfort from ignorant hosts. Nothing ruins a holiday faster than a host you have to tip toe around because he or she doesn’t “approve of your lifestyle.”

I don’t care to get into a debate with folks here about what it feels like to have to spend your life defending who you are, so i will let you all know that for business reasons, be careful not to do or say anything that might alienate particular demographics, because it can cost you bookings. Air is based in San Francisco and is very, very sensitive about any hint of discriminatory behavior among hosts. I am sure y’all have read stories like this:


So sorry kona! As you know, entitled jerks come in all forms. I have met plenty of gay and transgender folks in my time who are complete buttheads. People are people after all.

As I heard Boy George say recently when i saw him in concert, “Are you gay? Are you straight? Who cares? Are you interesting?”


Gotta love the Karma Chameleon!

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If only it were that easy, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, not all hosts are as open as you are. :slightly_smiling: Thus…we have to do our homework when we travel. Sad but it’s the reality we still live in.