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How to find gay friendly airbnb listings or market your listing to the gay community


This is super helpful. I have LGBTQIA friendly and it didn’t occur to that I am missing folks looking for “gay friendly.” Airbnb has restricted checkboxes for this issue.


Oh my goodness, here we go again. It’s hard to keep up with things. What is QIA?


I have no clue. Speaking as someone from the ‘G’ category, I have a feeling before long we are going to tack on the entire alphabet.


lmgtfy … :wink:


What was do you keep yourself safe as a LGBTQ host from homophobes?


What kind of property do you have? And by safe do you mean physically or do you mean how do you prevent homophobes from renting from you?


I try use Mr bnb, and this web is not enough good or operational, ::: I post a flat in Mr bnb , but finally I use airbnb because is more optimal operational talking.


I have a non discrimination statement at the beginning of my house rules, in addition to the usual classes (This host does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion . . .) I also listed sexual orientation, gender identity, and immigration status. I figure that should clue people in.


I put LGBTQ friendly in my description a while back. No idea whether anyone has booked “because” of that or if its made any difference at all. But was just trying to say that I welcome all. However in this post it says that I should include “Gay friendly” in my description in case someone was searching the term “gay”. But would putting both be overkill?


That was a very old post. It might not have any bearing on the current world.


Yes, this post is from 2014. I read it, updated my listing to let people know we’re gay friendly (even though I already had a clause specifying we welcome all races, religions, ages, and lifestyles), and then I went to test it out. The original post mentions adding a keyword to search on after selecting “more filters.” Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case. I do not see any way a guest can search by keyword… (Still, I don’t mind people seeing we’re gay-friendly!)


That’s unfortunate and just plain wrong.
On Airbnb, I’d think the ‘default’ is that all hosts are friendly/open to everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation. And if some host has a problem with that (I remember this discussed on another thread) then they have to make that known.
Refusing the room once the reservation is accepted and the guests have arrived would be a breach.

Maybe on my listing I’ll write ‘Friendly friendly’ - friendly to everyone who’s friendly to me!

Very good point. This makes me think of adding to my listing a section on the gay neighbourhood and nightlife in my city, rather than ‘gay-friendly’ because like I hinted above, for me that’s the default. So this is the middle way between mention and no mention.


Someone here posted a picture saying all races, all colours, all religions and all sexes welcome. I have this as one of my pictures on my profile. I have had muslims, asians, arabs, black, gay stay with me and all lovely people, never any bother. I did have a couple from Oz and he was saying there was a gay pride march in the city and then he shuddered like it was something horrible to behold, its his loss not to embrace the many forms we all come in. It is the one aspect of Airbnb that I love, and its meeting different people from all over the world


I am gay but don’t really see it as a selling point. But as I am in the country I get that most people from the nearby city that is considered gay friendly might want to ensure my place is gay friendly before booking. So at the bottom of the rules I say “LGBT gay friendly” so it (hopefully) gets picked up by search engines. I’ve had a few lesbian couples (hey, it’s dog friendly!) but no obvious male gay couples. I’d love to get more, just to expand the base. There is a town (Daylesford) on the other side of Melbourne that is considered gay friendly that is popular with gay male couples. I know from my own experience that my neighbours are very tolerant people but I guess many city folk worry about this stuff.


I say “people of all faiths and none are welcome”. My very first guests were a Muslim family from Malaysia and cooked a halal meal for us all. Wonderful people.


Maybe not in civilized countries but when me and my then Polish boyfriend traveled in Poland about 10 years ago we always booked 2 singles and said he was my tour guide. I am sure they didn’t care and might have guessed what was going on. To be honest it added a sort of frisson to our travels. Not so great for native Polish gay people. Gay people, I think, aren’t so shocked as you. Not every trip is about educating people. Sometimes you just want to, you know, have a holiday together.


Love George. He was a judge here in Oz on The Voice. Recently released online an amazingly beautiful version of “YMCA”. Check it out on youtube. One of my heroes.


This has all been very interesting. While I am not gay my adult son in trans so I am as supportive as a person could be. We have colorful apartments and added a rainbow photo and hoped that would be enough. We were unsure if adding gay friendly was something that would scare off others as we want to host people of all walks.
Out of our 50 reviews so far 7 are from gay couples and we simpled hoped other people would see that as a postitive.
Should I be doing more?


Gosh, I have no idea what you are talking about. I think this thread is really really old, and I’m not going to scroll through it to see what I said. I hope it wasn’t something insulting. :rofl:


Speaking as a gay man:
I think LGBT+ people that are worried about any discrimination / awkwardness will read through any listing to pick up on small hints that could indicate LGBT+ acceptance (or otherwise). I think a rainbow picture is a clear indicator, and this is probably the reason why 14% of your reviews is from gay couples. So I would say: Wonderful job !

What could also be to your advantage is being female: People will come in to argue about this, but I believe that most gay men will think that on average women are more likely to be accepting to gays than straight men. (To those who are ready to jump on me: I don’t have scientific prove of this, it’s a feeling I have and I very well could be totally wrong.)