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How is your Booking Rate?


I’m just curious to know what other hosts “booking rates” are to see how ours compares?

What is Your Booking Rate?
Sharing some stats

Check this thread from last month.


ours fluctuates between 3.6 and 4.2. I think that seems low too, but I just might be greedy!


Mine’s down to 8.7 but it’s been as high as 14.something since they made it visible. As the linked thread makes clear there are many variables and different kinds of listings and it probably doesn’t mean much. For one thing every time I post a link to my listing people from this forum go and look at the listing, increasing my views but not my bookings.


I don’t put much stock in their stats, anyway, since there’s anomalies that I can’t explain. For example, how many people that attempted a booking. The number is always higher than booking inquiries I’ve actually received. I assumed that ABB must be counting people that tried to book for less days than my minimum, or requesting unavailable days, etc.

I wish the stats were trustworthy as some of them, like # of views, could be helpful. I was concerned with this one recently since the website shows one number, and the IOS app shows 3x higher. The number on the website hasn’t changed since I started watching it last weekend, even though I got a booking during that time. Go figure.


I only looked at mine just now because of this topic. Our booking rate is just under 1%. And that’s fine by me. Conventional wisdom tells us that people are looking for accommodation within a few months and we have bookings (not fully booked but nearly) until the beginning of November. So most people who are looking at the listing aren’t able to book anyway.

So I agree that it means nothing at all. :slight_smile:


Happy guests means good ratings right?
I am an airbnb host and I wanted to share with you my discovery of the week: HappyGuest. It is a homebook which allows hosts to create their home book and share it to the people that come to their house. (you can even take videos and photos to describe your items)
I used it with my last guest and we were both really happy with the results. I advise every host to test it :slight_smile:


I can’t find it. Can you provide a link? Thanks!


Hey LynnB,
Here is the link at the end of this article :slight_smile:


On dit spam Robert :wink:


English…French it’s all spam to me :slight_smile:


I think it’s a pretty cool stat to see your booking rate. Overall, I’d say it’s more of an interesting stat than a useful stat, but your could tweak your listing description, pictures, and prices to see if it improves.

My two listings show 2.5% and 1.8% for the last 30 days.


It would @dcross9999 if they were in any way accurate.

For example, mine says I have four days booked in February when I had 20.

Therefore their booking rate is completely inaccurate.

Also the views are meaningless as this could be you, your competitors, someone just trawling out of interest as well as potential guests.


Or people who post their listings on various Airbnb forums thinking that the views will increase their visibility.

I think I’ve said before that our listing shows a tiny booking rate. This is hardly surprising as we’re booked for months in advance. People might look, but unless they are booking for the end of the year, they won’t be able to book.

Take @Mearns island for example. Last I heard it was booked at least for a year in advance. Apartment Therapy wrote a post about it which means that it must have received thousands of hits but the booking rate will be negligible unless people are booking for 2019.


Definitely true! I’m always looking at my competitors :slight_smile:


Looks like my stats page just got converted to the new format, so I finally understand what you’re all talking about! As long as your listing is running at the desired occupancy I think that a low booking rate is actually a good thing, because it means that you’re charging just the right amount. I’ve always managed to have around 90-100% occupancy and the monthly views have gone up over time so naturally the booking rate has come down. If I had lots of vacancies I might be concerned that people looked and didn’t book, but for now the booking rate is a fairly meaningless number.


I wouldn’t say it’s worthless… if it’s too high then a host is probably not charging enough, and if it’s low and they have vacancy it probably means that their listing needs to be improved or cheaper. Of course what is too high or too low will depend on the situation…


I received a similar proclamation about lowering my prices to increase bookings by some random % for the month of April. In April I have two non-consecutive nights available during the whole month. I have a minimum of a two-night stay. I could lower my price to $2 per night and I would get exactly 0% additional bookings. I have made dinner reservations for both of those nights. I plan to enjoy them!


Sounds fabulous! Bon appetite!


Hi Folks; this is my first Forum post and we’ve only been doing AirBnB for four months, so please excuse any ignorance on my part. I think we’ve been lucky so far - all our guests have been lovely and we’ve had ten five-star reviews out of eleven - beginners luck? We’re shocked at some of the figures quoted above in terms of views, etc - we’re only getting on average about five a day (varying between zero and ten). We think we’ve qualified for Superhost status - will this help raise our visibility? Our booking rate is 7%, which seems high in comparison to some others. Perhaps it’s due to there being a relatively small pool of properties here in Lancaster (UK). Anyway we’re finding he whole AirBnB thing tremendously exciting, but we’re dreading having a horrible experience like some described on this Forum!

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