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How is your Booking Rate?


A quail egg!!! I love a nicely done quail egg. Persnickety little suckers, but lovely flavor. Thank you for sharing.


Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you’re off to a great start. You’re correct in thinking that more listings in an area generally results in more views and a lower booking rate, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m in Toronto, Canada (approximately 5,000 Airbnb listings, and over 40 million tourists every year) and I’m usually on the first page of results so I get a lot of looky-loos. As long as you’re booked as much as you’d like at good rates I wouldn’t sweat it.

I would recommend that you sign up for a trial at smartbnb.io as their market report will tell you where you show up in search results, and how your prices compare to other hosts in your area.


This is a useful stat and is very common in all online ecommerce. Not just online either. It applies to bricks and mortar stores as well.

It is a one of the metrics that measures how well your teaser listing (or window display in the case of a retail store) matches the needs of customers who enter your ‘store’. It is not the only metric but it is an important one in my view.


My booking rate is 3% as well. I don’t understand it. My price is very ok and my location as well. Don’t get a lot of bookings lately, don’t really understand the cause…


I fully agree with you man. I second every word in your post!


There is a huge difference between the things I see on the app and the things I see on the computer. That is really something Airbnb should work on.


It’s difficult for us to comment on your booking rate without understanding more about your listing for example, where is your listing? do you have a lot of competition? are you price competitive with comparable listings? do you have high quality photos and a comprehensive description? what sort of reviews have you had to date.

If you want us to look at your listing, do feel free to post here.


I don’t put ANY stock into the AirBnB stats. No such thing as apples to apples. Our Booking Rate is only .8%-1% on average, but we are 90% booked and are killing it with 8 properties every month. I couldn’t care less. I’m in a super competitive market in downtown Phoenix, and people are going to shop around. don’t stress over stats. Totally over-rated.

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