How do you leave a review

at the last minute?

I had a terrible guest and it would be criminal to not warn other hosts

I know that one has 14 days in order to review guests from the time of the 1st notification

However, where do I need to go in order to see the time Airbnb first sent out the review notification?

Also I heard rumours of an android app that can remind your 5 minutes before review time closes. Is there any truth to this? and if so, is the app any good?


Have they left you a review yet? If they have, there is no reason to wait until the last minute.

The only reason to wait is if they haven’t left you a review, and you are concerned that when they get the notification that you have left them a review, it will prompt them to leave a negative one for you.

Thanks for the comment.

No, they have not left a review.

@rexbanner, there was just a recent thread on this topic. I haven’t figured out how to link to a thread.

Here’s what @JJD told me in that thread. This starts working on the day after the guest checks out until the 14th day. I hope this helps, @rexbanner:

Go to your calendar for that listing, on the website (not the app), and click on that guest. It will bring that guest and their stay info up on the right side of the screen.

Directly above the “Write a Review” banner, it will show you the exact amount of time that you have left to write the review.

My example shows “12 days” but on the last day, it turns into hours and then into minutes and, eventually, it will even show how many seconds you have left to write a review. Be sure to refresh the page when you are checking it so that it updates the timer.



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There are quite a few posts on this topic already @rexbanner. Have you used the search function to have a look?

To summarise some hosts seem to focus on finding the last possible moment that they can post a review. Personally it seems a bit of a faff. I just leave a review once I have checked the place. If I thought I was getting an awful review, I would just leave it to the last day but not particularly care what time I left it.

Here is one

That’s the info I was after…

The days will turn to hours and mins on the last day… Thanks Becky :sunglasses:

Has anyone heard anything about an android app that’ll remind or post your review with a short time to go?

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Another way to track the time is when you get the first email reminding you to write the review, you will see the time that the email was SENT from AirbnbScreen Shot 2020-02-20 at 2.13.49 PM . That is the last minute that you can send the review on the 14th day.

Good find! @rexbanner Naturally, you will want to have your review written up - so that you merely have to paste it and submit.

It is wise to not push it “too close” to the last min - or there could be risk of missing the window.

And thank you for honestly reviewing bad guests!

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The clock is ticking for me to do a review on a negative guest situation I wrote about several days ago. I decided to wait the 14 days. It’s strange to me to wait this long. I keep getting reminders from Airbnb. My calendar reminder will go off on Monday. That’s when I’ll submit the review I have already written. I’ll just copy and paste it in and submit it.

I’m down to hours now. The screen is not displaying minutes as yet.

I assume that this will come when I have less than one hour left. And then the seconds counter will display when I am down to one minute?

I’ve never left a review, but from what I have read, airbnb ask for you to rate guests on cleanliness, communication and observance of house rules.

They then ask for you to write a short review.

Once you click ‘next’, do they ask you anything else?

They ask “would you host this guest again” with a choice of yes/no.

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Is this your first guest?

Thanks for this. Your comment was very helpful.

I also noticed that airbnb asked for me to leave additional feedback for the guest which would not be public.

It was my first :grin:

However, I have had other guests since.

Feedback has been left… and as advised, the 14 day period ended at the exact time of airbnb’s initial email prompt for you to review the guest

Leaving my review til the last 10 secs definitely got my adrenaline going

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please keep us updated on this

Did you have a reason to wait for the 14 days before reviewing? Oh, I see you had a terrible guest. Never mind.